Shake it up with Singapore's female bartenders: Sasha Wijidessa, Operation Dagger

You may not have noticed the quiet revolution, but some of Singapore’s best bars are fronted by women bartenders – one even has an all-female team – and they bring a distinctly amiable and amicable touch to the scene

You’ll feel a bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole at Operation Dagger’s nondescript entrance, as it does nothing to prepare you for the beautiful cloud of lightbulbs inside, floating overhead. And you’ll enter with preconceived notions about wine but leave a convert, thanks to Sasha, a pharmaceutical science graduate – and the brain behind the oxidised wine menu – who gets visibly excited when the convo turns to fermentation or yeast.  Sasha has created natural wines that taste like a cross between wine and sake.

“Our natural wine selection was a very organic process, where we started out trying to reduce waste by giving oxidised wine a second life, through re- flavouring. It slowly evolved into an even more sustainable approach and doing things in-house,” she says, adding that she continues to experiment with new flavours to add to Dagger’s eclectic selection.

The bar’s current six flavours change every few months. Dagger started as a creative outlet for founders Luke Whearty and Aki Nishikura to experiment.

Operation Dagger's 'The Egg' is perfect for the 'gram - and potent

From day one, the cocktails here have been different and kooky. “What I think is more important, however, is that Dagger is a space that is always evolving and growing,” says the laid-back bartender. She recommends coming between 6pm and 9pm. Otherwise, come any time after that, or on weekends when the bunker gets lit. 

Go for: Experimental cocktails

Location: 7 Ann Siang Hill 





This article first appeared in the December issue.