This super popular Korean pizza chain has landed in Singapore - here's why you need to try it

Cheese that trails for more than 1 metre, an overload of toppings, and seriously indulgent crusts are just a couple of the reasons


Love pizza, Korean food, and anything stuffed with cheese? You need to get to Pizza Maru. Right now. 


What to expect at Pizza Maru


You'll be able to choose pizzas with various crusts like Golden Edge (deep dish crust with sweet potato mousse and two types of cheese) or  Double Cheese Twist (pictured above). We saw a video where the woman getting a slice of Double Cheese Twist Pizza stood on a chair and the cheese trail still continued. Be ready for a glorious, delicious mess.


Quick facts about Pizza Maru


Before we go into a full review, here are some quick numbers. Pizza Maru is incredibly popular in Korea, with over 650 outlets. You can get 22 flavours, with 3 types of crusts, and 2 types of dough – green tea (which is a bit chewy and denser) and black rice pilaf (it's more fluffy and airy). There are 4 other types of other main dishes to indulge in too, like pasta made with rice cakes or a 'spam tower' as you'll see later. Alright, now on with the review.


The best choice in our opinion - Real BBQ Chicago Pizza


This is definitely subjective, but our favourite flavour was the meat-laden Real BBQ Chicago Pizza ($26.80). The combination of sweet and tangy barbecue sauce with loads of melted cheese and savoury meats is a classic combination to be loved. 



But we actually liked how the sweetness of the barbecue sauce worked with the sugary crust (yes it sounds weird, and no it doesn't taste bad). The crust is stuffed with string cheese and sweetened cream cheese. The outside of the crust is studded with almonds before being powdered with icing sugar and drizzled with honey.




And we're not even done yet. The pizza is served with a ramekin of strawberry jam for eating with the crust or pizza if you want. We didn't touch the jam (sorry!) and enjoyed devouring the pizza as is.


For the adventurous foodie - Mango Ocean Pizza


Apparently, Koreans have a thing for sweet flavours in their pizza. Another case in point would be one of their best selling pizzas the Mango Ocean ($19.80). This pizza had us breathing heavily just as we read the menu. Get this, there's seafood like shrimps, scallops, and squid, but also mango, broccoli, and mushrooms along with spicy buldak sauce and mozzarella cheese.



Ours came with the Gold Edge crust. That means a buttery crust lined with mashed sweet potato and cheese surrounds your heart-attack inducing pizza. Can we just say we feel very excited and yet appalled by how sinful these foods are? Just a side note: you may want to check out some of our articles on how to lose weight after a meal at Pizza Maru.




As for how the pizza tasted, let's just say there were a lot of different flavours coming together. Freshness from the broccoli, starchiness from the sweet potato and crust, succulent prawns and squid that gave it a distinctive seafood taste, and bursts of sweetness from the mango. It was actually a good pizza but we hesitate to recommend it, as it is not for everyone. Go for it only if you're an adventurous foodie.


Don't miss out on the seriously tasty but sinful Spam Tower


Pizza Maru also offers a lot of options other than pizza. Their Spam Tower ($12.80) was a really good combination of comfort Korean food. You have the hearty chicken spam which you might find in army stews, glutinous rice with bits of seaweed, a bed of kimchi, a perfect sunny side up egg with runny yolk, a mound of potato fritters crowning it all, and generous lashings of sriracha mayoOne bite, instant bliss.


For crunchy and juicy wings, get a basket of Korean fried chicken


There are many types of chicken wings available, such as Honey Butter Coat – which smelled heavenly and had a mild sweetness; Sweet Chilli Dak Gangjeong – that was drizzled and not drenched to retain the crispiness; and Onion Tartar – which came coated with fresh white onions and a heap of refreshing and mildly sour tartare sauce. All of the listed items cost $16.80 for 6 pieces.





The chicken is all coated with a thick and crispy batter than encases juicy and hot chicken. Oh, and even if you're in a big group, we recommend getting just enough so each person has one wing. Trust us, you need to save space for pizza.


If you don't want pizza, other mains will have you covered


Pizza Maru also has rice cake pasta (but don't worry there are the regular spaghetti options too), risotto, and really rich desserts like overloaded bingsus and waffle platters.

We didn't get to try them cause we were too full, but we know we want to return as soon as we're ready to heavily indulge again. But for now, BRB. Need to recover from the food coma.


Pizza Maru is at Northpoint City, Level B1, 930 Yishun Avenue 2.