What to eat at Downtown Gallery: 12 great cafes and restaurants for a satisfying lunch

It's easy to get lost in the countless amount of food options in Downtown Gallery. Whether you're looking to have some sushi or you want a quick fix with a cuppa, these are the best places you can go to

Downtown gallery

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Downtown Gallery is a pretty awesome place for food options.

Need a quick lunch because it’s crunch time at the office? No problem, places like Dosirak or SAMA Curry & Cafe have food delivery options so you can have healthy bibimbap or hot soup curry delivered to your office.

Or have you got time to spare? Then spend your break in one of the instaworthy cafes with a cuppa, or pick a healthy meal by creating your own bibimbap or grain bowls.

Check the list down below to browse through the restaurants and cafes.

Downtown Gallery is at 6A Shenton Way.




1. Lunar coffee brewers

Here you can wash down homely rice bowls with a robust cup of coffee.

Or are you feeling adventurous? Some of the more unique options are the nitro coffee (a nitrogen infused brew that takes on the consistency and taste of stout beer), the Eclipse (a macchiato style tea that’s sweet and savoury), and cold brew matcha.

As for food, the mains include homestyle-inspired rice bowl (such as beef rendang or lu rou belly) that come with a runny onsen egg and pickled vegetables for a bit of acidity.

Expect to spend around $20 - $25 for a main and a drink; mains start from $13.50.

Lunar Coffee Brewers is on the first floor of Downtown Gallery (#01-49/50)


2. Wafuken


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Sous vide meats are the focus at Wafuken. From Honduras prawns, to Norwegian saba fish and Australian oyster blade steak, they’re all placed in air-tight bags and cooked at precise temperatures to seal in all the juices and flavour.

Even the chicken breast is said to be so juicy you might not realise it’s chicken breast.

The thing about Wafuken we really appreciate is how healthy the food is. No bad fats, excessive sugar or tenderizer are used in the cooking process.

And when it comes to sides you have a lot to choose from, like konbu yoghurt, furikake brown rice, teppanyaki mushrooms, and soba salad.

Wafuken is on the second floor of Downtown Gallery (#02-23).


3. Dosirak


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Dosirak is one of our favourite places to go to for clean, non-processed food. And we love how it's Korean bibimbap, instead of the more common grain or protein bowls.

You know you can eat guilt-free here, when even the smallest details are taken care of for you. For example, the gochujang sauce is made from cold-pressed pears and apples, instead of fructose, which normally used in Korean gochujang sauces.

And if you’re watching your diet, you’d be happy to know that all the bibimbaps here are under 500 calories. Expect to spend around $10 - $20 per bowl.

Dosirak is on the first floor of Downtown Gallery (#01-44).




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If you’ve got a vegan or vegetarian friend you’d like to take to lunch, consider HRVST. The dishes are nourishing, creative, and beautifully plated. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s limited.

Lunch set deal: $15 for one main and a cold pressed juice. Mains you can choose from are barley risotto, sourdough with housemade nut butter and pumpkin gnocchi.

HRVST is on the fifth floor of Downtown Gallery (#05-01).


5. SAMA Curry & Cafe


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Here’s where you should go for a quick fix to your craving for for something spicy. You can customise your curry soup however you like. (And yes, it’s curry soup – thin enough to drink on it’s own, but spicy and rich like curry.)

There are 30 levels of spices to choose from, four soup bases (tomato, coconut, Japanese, shrimp), and eight types of curry bases which each come with their own types of meat.

For example, the Ocean Trophy comes laden with prawns, squid, mussels and scallops, and Oink Oink comes with large and fatty slabs of pork belly.

You can also choose to have udon or rice with your curry soup. Prices start from $13.90.

SAMA Curry & Cafe is on the floor of Downtown Gallery (#03-26).


6. Marutama Ramen


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When rainy days in the office get you in a slump, this bowl of hot ramen in a nourishing chicken broth, topped with a sea of fresh scallions, slabs of soft cha shu, and a runny egg might just put you in a good mood again.

Just be careful not to get into a food coma, with this comfort food, and maybe grab a cup of coffee from Lunar Coffee Brewers before you head back to office.

Prices range from $15 - $20 per bowl.

Marutama Ramen is on the third floor of Downtown Gallery (#03-25).