Dine guilt-free at these 10 restaurants that practice sustainability

Want to do good and have an equally good meal? Then head to these Singapore restaurants that are championing food sustainability

Strangers Reunion

Photo: Strangers Reunion 

‘Sustainable dining’ isn’t just a buzzword spouted by a niche of eco-warriors; it has entered the mainstream with many restaurants in Singapore rising to the occasion. The term refers to ethical practices that care about our planet and environment and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

It includes using local and/or organic produce, providing meat-free options, having on-site gardens, and choosing sustainable sources for meat, fish and eggs.

Here are 10 places in Singapore you can go to to enjoy sustainable dining.


1. Strangers Reunion

Photo: Strangers Reunion 

This popular cafe launched a new all-day brunch menu at the end of February and one of the most interesting highlights is that it features dishes made with upcycled ingredients that would otherwise be discarded, and re-imagining them as part of a dish. Not only does this reduce food wastage, it also takes culinary creativity to the next level.

Dishes include the Salmon Skin Chips, which uses salmon offcuts as well as trimmings from the cafe’s homemade coffee smoked salmon, and the Pork and Broccoli dish, which gives the side serving of broccoli stems a new lease of life, by softening, steaming then slow-roasting them.

And because you know them for their coffee as much as their grub, there’s the Strangers Coffee Smoked Salmon on Toast, featuring house-cured salmon that’s cold-smoked with spent coffee grounds.

At 33/35 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169355, tel: 6222 4869. Visit www.strangersreunion.com


2. Open Farm Community


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One of the first in Singapore to push the farm-to-table concept in Singapore and focus on local farming, there’s plenty to do here besides eat, as you can also explore the fruit and vegetable orchards or take part in gardening workshops. The focus here is on locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal and innovative dishes, such as Cauliflower “Wings” (a crowd favourite) and Duck on Toast (for diners who are so over avocado toast).

The restaurant also curates and hosts local farmers once a month to showcase their produce to guests, who can then enjoy these freshly-harvested ingredients and learn more about the grow-your-own-food movement.

At 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819, tel: 6471 030. Visit www.openfarmcommunity.com



3. Verde Kitchen

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The mantra here is ‘Real Food, Full of Natural Flavours’ and the menu includes gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and raw food options. Beyond its commitment to serve healthy food, it extends a commitment to the local communities and the environment that supports it. For example, 60 per cent of seafood served here is sustainably sourced and 50 per cent of menu items use locally and sustainably-sourced high-quality ingredients.

Also, all chicken and eggs used are certified organic and free-range and there’s an on-site vertical garden, which provides some of the leafy vegetables for its dishes. Regulars will be happy to know of a new menu launched on March 1 that will be offered until May 31, featuring new dishes and dedicated farm-to-table specialties such as Local Farmed Vegetable Lasagne (tomato, zucchini, aubergine, cauliflower and broccoli), and sustainably-sourced Nonya-Style New Zealand Rockling Fish (spicy sour tomato and pineapple gravy, organic okra and brown rice).

At Level 2, Hilton Singapore, 581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883, tel: 6730 3397. Visit them here


4. The Summerhouse


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On the second level of The Summerhouse complex (the ground floor houses Wildseed Cafe & Bar) sits this farm-to-table concept restaurant located in a unique countryside location. Here, every dish is cooked with harvests from the garden, whether as garnishes or herbs.

Examples include Sweet Potato Leaves (with freshly-picked sweet potato leaves from the garden, wood-fired zucchini and asparagus, and green olive) and French Toast, a brunch menu item that featured an assortment of fruits and garnishings from the garden.

The restaurant also works closely with a farming collective of growers, producers and kelongs (offshore platform built with wood), to ensure value-added sustainable practices. What’s more, an interesting element can be seen on the dinner menu (and selected brunch menu items): Each item tells you which farm the food comes from, leaving diners with a little food for thought.

At Level 2, 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore 798387, tel: 6262 1063. Visit www.thesummerhouse.sg



5. Yellow Pot


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This modern Chinese restaurant in the gorgeous Six Senses Duxton is beautifully-decorated in black, gold and yellow, and with – you guessed it – yellow pots of various sizes and designs too. But décor aside, it is the restaurant’s sustainability efforts that deserve mention.

Yellow Pot works closely with local farmers and producers who are committed to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices, and this can be seen in its dishes.

For example, you can order crisp local greens such as Braised White Cabbage with conpoy and wolfberries soaked in Shaoxing wine, or Locally Farmed Shanghai Greens wok-fried in a garlic and ginger broth. Also, unhealthy additives such as flavour enhancers, gluten and sugar are largely avoided, with fresh natural ingredients chosen instead.

At Six Senses Duxton, 83 Duxton Road, Singapore 089540, tel: 6914 1420. Visit www.sixsenses.com/hotels/duxton/dining