6 types of beer women like that are easy to drink

Beer doesn’t all taste the same. Like wine, there are many different flavours, notes and complexities that make it enjoyable

The best beers for women

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Beer is not always the first drink most women would reach out for when at a bar, which is understandable. The drink has always been more associated with men. But that doesn’t mean that beer can’t be appreciated. With Beer Fest Asia 2018  having started yesterday (30 August, 6pm) and running until 2 September, you can try hundreds of beers till you find some that you like.

Not so much of a beer lover? Well, we talked to several women to find out what their favourite types of beers are, so you know where to start.

Read on to see the beer type recommendations.



1. French Wheat Beer


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Beer: Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

Taste profile: Fruity, sweet and refreshing with subtle notes of spice and coriander.

“I only love Kronenbourg Blanc. It’s light but still super flavourful, fruity, very refreshing and easy to drink. I think most importantly it’s not bitter at all, a quality that’s hard to find in other beers.”


- Dione, 24, Editor

This one’s perfect for our sweltering weather. Wheat beers tend to be more effervescent with very small bubbles, so it has a silky mouthfeel.


2. German Rosée Style Wheat Beer


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Beer: Hoegaarden Rosée

Taste profile: Strong notes of raspberry, and the signature notes of citrus and coriander, common in Hoegaarden.


“Hoegaarden Rosée has a sweet and sour taste that is well balanced. It’s more palatable than many other beer brands as it does not leave a stale aftertaste or give you a gassy stomach.”


- Esther, 22, Senior Project Executive

This beer is very sweet to taste, and easy to drink for women who don’t drink beer often. With its pink hue, it’s not a difficult choice to make when you want to try something a little different from the usual brew.


3. American Lager Beer


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Beer: Budweiser

Taste profile: It is very mild with a crisp bitterness. There are no bold characteristics, but light hoppiness and malt notes.


“I like the classic Budweiser because it’s smoother and richer than other beers. It is a must for me when I’m beside the sea. Seaside, beer, and bikinis make an awesome life!”

- Geena, 25, Student


The Budweiser’s a classic, and is known for being a go-to party drink. It also receives a lot of flak for not tasting as good or complex as other beers, but that’s what it is -- a simple beer to casually enjoy.

But if you want an American lager with a little more complexity, a nice alternative is the Blue Moon Vienna Amber Lager, which has a smooth clean flavour with a tinge of sweetness.



4. Japanese beers

Beers: Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo

Taste profiles: A common taste profile among most Japanese beers are that they tend to be light and effervescent with a crisp bitterness.


“I like brands like Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo. They are not as heavy as other beers. They’re really light; it feels like some kind of soda, which is nice, ‘cause they’re not as stinky as Tiger Beer.”


Vinosha, 25, Personal Assistant

Though Japanese beers aren’t as sweet, they are definitely bitter, crisp, and dry. Great for pairing with food like grilled meats.


5. Mexican Lager Beer - Dos Equis


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"I really like Dos Equis. It's very famous in Mexico; I like it because it's very smooth and the taste is not super strong, but at the same time, it is not watery and has a strong body."


- Tamara, 24, Postgraduate

This Mexican beer is best enjoyed when served with a wedge of lime or a splash of lime juice, as the acidity will liven up the flavour palate.


6) Coffee Stout

Beer that is perfect for coffee lovers

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Beer: Heart Of Darkness Evil Takes Two Roads Into Darkness Vietnamese Stout

Taste profile: Coffee (of course), milk chocolate, and maple syrup

“I'm not a beer person but i would choose coffee stouts as my favourite. Especially the dark roast ones, because coffee is life!”


- Ashnita, 27, Swimming instructor


Coffee stouts (the alcoholic version of nitro coffee) are the perfect bittersweet options for the woman who doesn’t like class beer, but adores her daily java.

Try the ‘Heart Of Darkness Evil Takes Two Roads Into Darkness Vietnamese Stout’ at the Beer Fest. It’s brewed from Vietnamese coffee beans and has a silky smooth texture with a robust coffee finish. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?