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What is it about Christmas flavours that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside? And part with our money all too easily? These local snack brands have launched the most enticing Christmas collections. We’ve sorted the naughty (read: calorific) from the nice and wholesome.


Christmas Gift Box, Boxgreen

Photo: Boxgreen

Here at the Her World office, we can’t get enough of healthy Boxgreen snacks. So imagine our delight when we found out about their limited edition Christmas offerings. This delightful gift box contains six festive treats. 

They may sound decadent but rest assured Boxgreen’s nutritionist has carefully crafted each recipe to ensure they are as healthy as they are delicious. For example, the Honey Mustard Roast Crisps are made from soyabean instead of potato and garnished with herbs like rosemary, turmeric and chive flakes, not those nasty factory-made seasoning mixes. And the Spiced Peppermint Fruit Cake mimics the density of the traditional dessert by packing in heaps of raisins, pumpkin seeds and dried peel (so you’re basically eating fruit and vegetables, right?). 

Other snacks included in the box are the Herb Garlic Garden, Cinnamon Crunch, Choco Twilight Biscotti, and Hazelnut Cocoa Chewies. Each snack is individually packed, with calorie count and nutrition information printed on the back as with all other Boxgreen goodies.

$18, with a delivery fee of $3.90. Delivery is free if you buy two or more boxes.

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Caramel Pecan Almond Butter, Amazin' Graze

Photo: Amazin' Graze​

Amazin’ Graze nut butters taste naughty. Their holiday flavour Caramel Pecan Almond Butter ($15 for 180g) is no exception. But stone-ground pecans are great for heart health and those almonds have more dietary fiber and Vitamin E than peanuts, so… technically it’s good for you! Even if the caramelised maple syrup offsets those benefits. In any case, we’re happy to eat it out of the jar with a spoon while writing this.

We also like their Gingerbread Crumb Granola ($10.5 for 250g), a mix of their signature granola, candied ginger pieces, chopped up almonds, cashews, coconut and chia seeds. Not forgetting the Cinnamon Frosted Nut Mix ($5.90 for 100g), which Amazin’ Graze describes as pecans, almonds and pepitas “frosted in a warm cinnamon glazed” but tasted to us more like cinnamon cookies which happen to have pecan, almond and pepita in them. Not that we’re complaining at all.

Check out their full Christmas collection here: 


Organic Roasted Inca Seeds or Sacha Inchi, Mekhala

Photo: Mekhala

Local company Mekhala, known for its organic sauces and pastes, has launched its range of organic roasted Inca Seeds, also known as Sacha Inchi, snacks ($3.95 for 40g) just in time for Christmas. We’ve never heard of Inca Seeds, also known as Sacha Inchi, but we were intrigued to try this supposed superfood that’s full of protein and Vitamins A and E, and healthy fats too. 

Sure, they aren’t exactly the most festive treat, but they do make us feel less guilty after all that roast meat and log cake since they’re made with no preservatives, colours or flavours, and no refined sugar. Whether they’re coated in caramelised coconut sugar or with a fiery Thai sweet chilli paste, these snacks are dangerously easy to polish off in one sitting.

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Honey Rosemary Nuts, The Edible Co

Photo: The Edible Co

Substitute those supersized candy bars you hand out during your annual Christmas party with The Edible Co’s Honey and Rosemary Nuts ($8.50). A little bit sweet and very aromatic, the almond and cashew nut mix is a great healthy alternative party snack, particularly if you have guests who want to control their sugar intake.

After all, The Edible Co founder Genevieve Lee designs her snacks with people like her father, who needed to watch his diet after heart surgery, in mind. Other seasonal treats that she’s created include Christmas Spiced Granola ($12), packed with coconut flakes, cranberries, pecans and almonds, seasoned with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, and Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti ($15).

More info here:


Christmas Bonbons, The Dark Gallery

Photo: The Dark Gallery

Now that we’ve got all the healthy snacks out of the way, it’s time we moved on to something more sinful. We’re talking creamy, rich, melt-in-your-mouth artisanal Galaxy-Inspired Bonbons ($3.50 per piece, $31.40 for a gift box of 9) from The Dark Gallery.

Crafted to resemble shimmery precious stones, these gorgeous chocolates come in three different flavours: Kapteyn, white chocolate with raspberry ganache and pop rocks, Archutus, milk chocolate with praline and toasted almond nibs, and Vega, dark chocolate with French earl grey ganache and peppermint bits. We might not know much about the actual stars that they were named after, but we do know that these bonbons are out of this world.

Buy it here:


Candied Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar, Fossa

Photo: Fossa

Single origin! Small batch! Bean-to-bar! Fossa Chocolate immediately appeals to our hipster millennial sensibilities. The guys behind these beautiful chocolate bars partner with cacao farmers in far-flung places like the Dominican Republic and Guatemala as well as those a little closer to home in Indonesia and the Philippines. But what impresses us the most is that their chocolates are all handcrafted right here in Singapore, from the roasting of the cacao beans down to the moulding and packaging of each bar.

While their core products are all at least 68% dark, their Christmas flavours Pistachio Rose Cranberry 60% Dark Milk Chocolate ($10) and Candied Ginger Dark Chocolate ($10) are just sweet enough to satisfy milk chocolate lovers. And if you want to crank up the sugar, go for their Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate ($9). 

Find them here: 


Singapore Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice Potato Chips, F.EAST

Photo: F.EAST

At the end of the night, when you’ve got the drunk munchies, nothing is more satisfying than shoveling handfuls of salty potato chips into your mouth. This Christmas, you can follow your late night boozing Singapore-style with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa chips ($3 for 70g pack) by local brand F.EAST. We can’t guarantee a glamourous end to your night, but at least it’ll be a tasty one.

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