Love reading zodiac predictions? But did you know that there are actually five element types for each of the 12 animal zodiacs?

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water constitute the five primary elements, so the full Chinese zodiac cycle has a span of 60 years; much longer than the oft misconceived period of 12 years.

If the differences between these 60 zodiacs are enough to make your head spin, fret not with these Zodiac predictions from Feng shui master Clarice Georgia V. Chan. Find out which element and zodiac that you belong to and then read Clarice’s tips on how you can make 2012 a fruitful year for you and your loved ones.

2012 Dragon zodiac predictionsDRAGON
Water Dragon: 1952, 2012, Wood Dragon: 1964, 1904, Fire Dragon: 1976, 1916, Earth Dragon: 1928, 1988, Metal Dragon: 1940, 2000.

If you were born in the year of the Water Dragon, the ruling Tai Shui (The Grand Duke Jupiter) of 2012, you will enjoy an easygoing year. But for the other Dragon zodiacs, it will be a slow moving year of “uncomfortable changes” as they are in disharmony with the Water Dragon. These Dragons then need to learn to be more flexible, friendly and humble this year.

CAREER: Avoid challenging your superiors, make peace with your colleagues and stay positive about your job prospects. Most importantly, have faith in your capabilities to get through the year.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Your personal relationships will undergo a discordant period — particularly in July — so stay level-headed instead of rushing into hasty decisions about your family, friends and love life.

HEALTH: Err on the side of caution; you should “take no chances with your personal safety” this year, says Clarice. Avoid high-risk sports throughout the year and refrain from participating in water sports in September.

MONEY: February is a month of positive “money luck” but all Dragons should be careful with their expensive personal belongings. April is another financially crucial month; keep an eye on your major expenses and business transactions.

2012 Snake zodiac predictionsSNAKE
Water Snake: 1953, Wood Snake: 1965, Fire Snake: 1977, Earth Snake: 1929, 1989, Metal Snake: 1941, 2001

This will be a lucky, smooth sailing year for the Snake zodiac. So it’s high time for you to correct that wait-and-see habit; make full use of this “good energy” this year and complete the all assignments that you’ve accepted, else you’ll have to bear the nasty repercussions.

CAREER: It’s an eventful year for Fire Snakes as pay rises are anticipated. Hardworking Earth and Metal Snakes will experience a busy and fruitful year, while Water and Wood Snakes need to take the initiative to secure that promotion.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: It’s a harmonious year for your personal life; many Snakes will find romantic attachments in 2012. However, male Snakes ought to be “more disciplined” to avoid unpleasant surprises in their love life.

HEALTH: You’ll stay healthy this year but do take care of your health to prevent health problems with your lungs, blood pressure and heart. Earth Snakes will find outdoor activities will be beneficial this year.

MONEY: While it may be a stable financial year for most Snakes, Water Snakes should watch their expenditure, which may outbalance their income.

2012 Horse zodiac predictionsHORSE
Water Horse: 1942, 2002, Wood Horse: 1954, Fire Horse: 1906, 1966, Earth Horse: 1918, 1978, Metal Horse: 1930, 1990

Water Horses will find it a satisfying and even joyous year. The Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal Horses however, will need to stay cautious about their career, health and personal matters, while “going with the flow” of things, says Clarice. It may be a turbulent year of many changes and emotional extremities but extra precautions and an open mind can still turn the tides in your favour.

CAREER: Learn to “let go” of old projects and maintain healthy and happy relationships with your colleagues. Wood and Metal horses should move on to a new job if they find work unfulfilling; by doing so, Metal Horses may even enjoy an income increase.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: There will be high and low points in your personal life this year, so emotional constancy is important. Take time off in April to visit your loved ones abroad and be firm about your decisions when you’re managing “hot and cold” romantic relationships in June.

HEALTH: Your personal well-being should be a top priority, especially in the high-energy months of February and September. Try not to participate in adventure trips, extreme sports and sea sports. If you’re accident-prone, watch your step and be even more cautious in December.

MONEY: Avoid lavish expenditures and learn to adjust your expectations for a stable financial year.

2012 Goat zodiac predictionsGOAT
Water Goat: 1943, 2003, Wood Goat: 1955, Fire Goat: 1907, 1967, Earth Goat: 1919, 1979, Metal Goat: 1931, 1991

As your zodiac clashes with the ruling zodiac, it can be quite an unsettling and difficult year for you. Turn these challenges to your advantage and make it a year of personal growth. Fairness and good judgement are important this year; these will guide you through difficult situations in your work and personal life and you’ll become a more self-assured and grounded person at the end of it.

CAREER: Appreciate the support that you receive from your colleagues and keep communication open between you and your clients; it’s nothing personal, just business as usual.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Proceed with matters of the heart at a slow and steady pace; these will take more time to progress this year. Talk out your personal problems with your loved ones, especially in February and September, when the Goat Zodiac is more prone to family disputes and such.

HEALTH: Be extra careful this year as clashing zodiacs are more prone to illnesses and injuries. Stay away from “yin energy places” where possible; these include funerals, graveyards and hospitals.

MONEY: August will be an unstable financial month, so be doubly careful about your investments. Do make money plans for the future in the more financially stable months of June and October.

2012 Monkey zodiac predictionsMONKEY
Water Monkey: 1932, 1992, Wood Monkey: 1944, 2004, Fire Monkey: 1956, Earth Monkey: 1908, 1968, Metal Monkey: 1920, 1980

This could be a bountiful year as your zodiac is in harmony with the ruling zodiac. There will be major shifts in your life, so the Monkeys who will thrive in 2012 are the ones who are mentally prepared to embrace career and mindset changes in their lives; these will make way for professional success and personal fulfillment.

CAREER: Company restructuring is likely this year, so brace yourself for a time of upheaval at the office. Be sincere and patient with your business projects and proposals to win over your clients and colleagues.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Family life will be “peaceful and harmonious” for this zodiac, although other personal relationships may experience some instability. Be more generous and forgiving and you’ll be able to get through these rough patches. Earth Monkeys will find a “special bond” with children this year.

HEALTH: Connect with your inner self and discover what you’re passionate about, particularly in August, a month of ideals and passion for the Monkey zodiac. Take special care of your lungs, kidneys and skin in this Dragon year.

MONEY: Do watch your expenditure; Fire Monkeys and Metal Monkeys in particular, should not be too hasty with money decisions and are advised to avoid making major financial responsibilities.

2012 Rooster zodiac predictionsROOSTER
Water Rooster: 1933, 1993, Wood Rooster: 1945, 2005, Fire Rooster: 1957, Earth Rooster: 1909, 1969, Metal Rooster: 1921, 1981

Luckily for you, the outspoken Rooster is the “most harmonious zodiac” with the Water Dragon, so it could really be your turn to shine and excel. Your difficult journey in 2011 will be rewarded with a busy and prosperous 2012; whatever obstacles that you may experience are minor matters that can be easily dealt with.

CAREER: February, March and April are months of new beginnings, so take this opportunity to reflect and “be open to new ideas”, advises Clarice. Wood Roosters should keep their perfectionist nature in check to avoid overworking themselves while the people-friendly Water Roosters could build up their social contacts to gain more career advancement opportunities, especially in July.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Your social life will be active and in full bloom this year, so make the best of it by being open to meeting new people. August and September may be challenging but if you take care to be giving and caring, you can breeze through these situations.  

HEALTH: The elderly however, may find this a more difficult year. Clarice advises that Roosters with past lungs and kidneys-related issues to take extra care of their health.

MONEY: The Wood and Fire Roosters will enjoy a favourable financial year; bonuses and benefits are in the books. Other roosters will find it a good idea to take their time to make money-related decisions.

2012 Dog zodiac predictionsDOG
Water Dog: 1922, 1982, Wood Dog: 1934, 1994, Fire Dog: 1946, 2006, Earth Dog: 1958, Metal Dog: 1910, 1970

The Dog zodiac unfortunately, is the zodiac that is most at odds with the Water Dragon, so this won’t be an easy year. Even so, it can still be a triumphant year for you. Stay relaxed and unfazed by these trying times by maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

CAREER: Make your travel plans and finish as much paperwork as you can in February and March; the good energies of these months can tide you over the more stressful later half of the Water Dragon year.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Appreciate the support that you receive from your family, friends and peers but be careful with whom you choose to trust.

HEALTH: Adventure trips and extreme sports are best avoided but do exercise regularly and rest up well to deal better with demanding situations at work.

MONEY: “Money energy” will be low from February to June though freelancers and the self-employed will enjoy an improved financial month in July. Clarice also predicts that the Dog zodiac may benefit from a “good money deal or venture” in October.

2012 Pig zodiac predictionsPIG
Water Pig: 1923, 1983, Wood Pig: 1935, 1995, Fire Pig: 1947, 2007, Earth Pig: 1959, Metal Pig: 1911, 1971

Clarice shares that it will be an fast moving year for the bubbly Pig zodiac; you will tend to be more ready to accept new ideas and opportunities. Attracted to your positive energy, many people around you will be willing to support you throughout the year.

CAREER: Bask in this good energy but don’t get too carried away and overwork yourself. A job promotion or other work-related achievements are likely in September.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Your personal relationships will remain generally harmonious and your social life will keep you busy. Even so, do take this chance to improve your relationships with your colleagues and steer away from power play at the office.

HEALTH: You may be travelling frequently this year, either for work or leisure but do care for your health to keep up with your active lifestyle.

MONEY: February will be a prosperous month; “windfalls are indicated”, says Clarice. Your money energy however, will be less stable in the middle of the year — from June to September — so keep a check on your expenditure and on gambling activities.

2012 Rat zodiac predictionsRAT
Water Rat: 1972, Wood Rat: 1924, 1984, Fire Rat: 1936, 1996, Earth Rat: 1948, 2008, Metal: 1960

Like the Rooster, your zodiac is in good harmony with the Water Dragon, so it will be an auspicious year ahead. Yet you need to remain cautious because money matters may be trickier this year; legal pursuits, risky financial ventures and rash decisions made this year are likely to lead to losses.  

CAREER: Work hard and you’ll find that your perseverance does pay off in the near future. Earth Rats who stay humble will be rewarded; those born in summer are even likelier to receive a job promotion. Fire Rats will find this an exhausting year where they may need to switch jobs or move to new homes.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: It’s a year where you should pay close attention to your loved ones. You may experience emotionally trying moments in your relationships

HEALTH: Do look after your health because it will be an exciting and energetic year for you. Water activities are best avoided for the Water Rats.

MONEY: This is a year to keep a close eye on your finances, so be practical about your expenses. While Metal Rats will do better this year, they should stick to making careful and strategic investments.

2012 Ox zodiac predictionsOX
Water Ox: 1973, Wood Ox: 1985, Fire Ox: 1937, 1997, Earth Ox: 1949, 2009, Metal Ox: 1961

As the Ox zodiac has a “conflict relationship” with the Water Dragon, risk taking should be be minimised this year. Not to worry, Clarice says that there are some “very positive and auspicious stars” that will make your journey a less trying one in 2012.

CAREER: While hard work and diligence are likely to pay off for the Fire Ox, the same could not be said for the Metal Ox this year. You may not attain the outcomes that you desire but with a flexible attitude, you’ll still be able to manage your work matters well.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Although some of you may be keen on marriage in 2012, Clarice predicts that it will be best to wait it out for a while; you may need to strengthen your relationship with more “patience and understanding” before taking that crucial next step.

HEALTH: As your work and social schedules will be more demanding, do keep up with light exercises and avoid overindulging on food, else you may be afflicted with kidney and stomach problems.

MONEY: The Wood Ox and Earth Ox will find it a good financial year but caution should be exercised when it comes to money commitments and paperwork. The Water Oxen needs to be more wary about their finances as it can be a difficult year for them. Money energy will be low in April and December.

2012 Tiger zodiac predictionsTIGER
Water Tiger: 1962, Wood Tiger: 1974, Fire Tiger: 1926, 1986, Earth Tiger: 1938, 1998, Metal Tiger: 1950, 2010

Live it up, stay optimistic and work towards realistic goals this year; you’ll find that even the setbacks that you experience won’t rain on your parade. Yes, it will be an intense year but you can use this to your advantage, so long as you avoid rash decisions and stay focused on your goals.

CAREER: Fire and Earth Tigers take heed; make sure to improve your working relationships and learn to work better with your colleagues. If Tigers are considering a business partnership, Clarice predicts that May would not be an ideal month to do so.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Sometimes love occurs at times when you least expect it; Clarice predicts “romantic encounters in foreign lands” for some Tigers. Married Tigers should also pay close attention to their spouses’ needs and well-being as family relationships are expected to be more trying in February, March and November.

HEALTH: The Wood Tiger should take good care of their health; they will be more prone to bouts of cold, exhaustion and digestive problems. Tigers in general, should avoid water sports in May and high-risk activities in June.

MONEY: Watch your budget this year and be sure avoid impulsive buys. Your money luck gets better in March and May but you should avoid big or risky investments in April and June.

2012 Rabbit zodiac predictionsRABBIT
Water Rabbit: 1963, Wood Rabbit: 1915, 1975, Fire Rabbit: 1927, 1987, earth Rabbit: 1939, 1999, Metal Rabbit: 1951, 2011

Happily, auspicious stars surround your zodiac this year; these could bring you success and happiness in your career and love life. On the downside, as your zodiac clashes with the Water Dragon, small obstacles are expected but don’t be too affected by them; things will pick up after that.

CAREER: Let your creative impulses “carry you forward” in your career, says Clarice. Be cheered to hear that job promotions and new business opportunities are predicted to come your way. April is a good month to switch jobs, if you’re keen on exploring different career avenues.

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: Romance is in the air; with lots of opportunities to meet new people, many singles will find their love life blossoming this year. More Rabbits in relationships will also be keen on getting married.

HEALTH: As this will be a really busy year for you, keep a healthy diet and rest well to sustain your hectic lifestyle both at work and play.

MONEY: Large purchases may not be wise this year; this includes home decor and refurnishing expenses. As for property selling and buying, it may be best to close the deal with a moderate profit. The Fire Rabbit in particular, needs to pay close attention to their finances.

This article features images and excerpts from Clarice Georgia Victoria Chan’s book, Your Fortune in 2012; the book is available at all leading bookstores. For more information, visit Clarice’s website at