If you exercise, the adrenalin keeps you going

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In the age of #fitspo, waking up early to clock some miles is practically the norm. But the benefits of a morning run extend beyond healthy living for features writer Davelle Lee. The adrenalin spike she gets from her 5am runs helps her be more productive.

Post-run, she embarks on getting through an extensive to-do list before heading for the office. This includes oil-pulling (gargling coconut oil for 20 minutes to aid oral hygiene), doing a load of laundry, and preparing breakfast while listening to the news on the radio.

“My runs not only improve my health but my mood as well,” she says. “I consciously construct my routine to include household chores so as to help me make the most of my morning.” The satisfaction of completing numerous tasks gives her clarity and focus for the rest of the day.


Your mind is quieter

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There’s a reason why yoga enthusiasts get up at dawn to roll out their mats. “There’s a certain quality to practising yoga in the morning that you just can’t get in the evening,” says Debbie Chua, who works in banking and wakes up daily at 5.45am for a two-hour yoga session. “It’s called brahmamahurta (a period of one and a half hours before sunrise), which is the time for spiritual contemplation or meditation.”

Morning meditation gives you time to be alone with your thoughts. Creating that headspace before the noise of the day sets in cultivates self-awareness and drives you to stay calm and focus on what’s important, says Joel.