8 out of 10 in Singapore don’t use contraception with new partner

A new survey for World Contraception Day reveals shocking finds

Today, September 26, marks World Contraception Day (WCD). In conjunction with WCD, a new multi-national survey “Contraception: Getting the facts right” was done and along with it, were some shocking revelations about sexual attitudes and behaviour amongst young adults from Singapore.

The survey was done on 1,800 young adults aged between 20-35 years old from nine different countries in Asia Pacific, including 100 males and 100 females from Singapore.

Some numbers revealed showed that a shocking eight in 10 young adults from Singapore had sex with a new partner without any use of contraception, making this statistic, the highest in Asia Pacific.

Also, the number of young adults in Singapore who are not aware of any contraception method at all, is the highest in Asia Pacific.

On top of all that jaw-dropping statistics, is another revelation that simply baffles us – a shocking number of young adults in Singapore actually believe that to prevent getting pregnant, all they need to do is take a shower after sex, stay upside down for two hours or rinse their vagina with Coca-cola!

The WCD survey aims to provide basis for public health education to improve awareness of contraception and enables young adults to make informed decisions on their sexual and reproductive health.

And thankfully, to mark WCD 2011, a mobile application is being launched around the world to remind women to take their pill regularly and Singapore is the first in the region to launch
'Pill Reminder Singapore'.

So spread the word and download the application today!