6 facts about your breasts we bet you didn't know

There's more to our breasts than we think we know. Here are six little-known facts


Our breasts can be as bizarre as they are beautiful. We already know that one is typically larger than the other (usually the left), but here’s some other fun stuff to know about them.

1. There are eight different types of nipples

Normal, flat, puffy, short, long and three grades of inverted.

2. Nipplegasms are a real thing

Like, orgasms triggered by nipple stimulation. It happens to a reported one per cent of women.

3. Scientists haven’t figured out why we have full breasts 24/7

Primates only have full breasts when they’re breastfeeding. While there a couple of theories floating around, no one has yet to discover why humans have full breasts round the clock.


4. A 2013 study found that men who are less financially stable prefer larger boobs

Possibly because women with higher fat content could mean better access to resources. The same study found that the reverse is true for those who don’t really have to worry about money.

5. Women boob-watch as much as men 

They just have the sense to not stare for as long (or obviously).

6. Sleeping on your stomach can affect their shape

So don’t!

Tell all your friends.


The original version of this story was published in CLEO on Feb 7, 2017.

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