5 surprising advantages of having a busy lifestyle

Of course, we're not talking about a chaotic lifestyle doing a job you hate, but when work becomes a positive experience, it pays to get busy

advantages of a busy lifestyle

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While many stressed out Singaporeans may disagree with me that being busy is desirable, there's a difference between being busy doing the things you enjoy and being busy doing the things you absolutely hate. The latter would of course mean that you're always in desperate need to get away from everything that's cluttering your soul and weighing it down. Recentresearch done by Professor Keith Wilcox and his team at Columbia University shows that those with a hectic schedule are more likely to get things done, procrastinate less and avoid negative emotions.

So while you are tempted to slack off during work hours (read: checking your social media feeds, browsing online stores, or going for your 10th toilet break), we at will share with you how you can look at living busier lifestyles from a different perspective! Here are 5 confounding reasons why having busier lifestyles is actually a great thing regardless of whether you're seven or seventy.

1. You Learn More About Yourself

Being busy means that we're working our minds hard, learning and developing simultaneously all the time. When we're busy doing things, we discover what we truly like or don't like, what makes us happy, what triggers us to go on further, where our strengths lie, how far off can we veer beyond our comfort zone without breaking down.

Being able to learn more about ourselves and develop different skills and knowledge while doing a myriad of different things that keep us busy is akin to killing two birds with a stone - we get things done more efficiently over time in addition to discovering more about ourselves - always a great thing!

2. You Manage Your Time Better

When you're incredibly busy, you learn to prioritize and manage your time better in the process of getting everything done. You just have to, no ifs and no buts.

What's even more astounding is the fact that we almost always figure out how to do it and do it well altogether! The mind is wonderfully wired to help us achieve what we really want to achieve so long as we have the right mindset. It plays such an important role in making sure that we know what we're doing and not let being busy eat us up.

Of course, juggling work, school, house chores, kids, dance classes (or whatever other activities you enjoy doing) may require some compromising to be made but always remember to strike a balance and have sufficient rest.

Being busy is great but having enough rest so that our bodies and minds can rejuvenate to keep us going stronger, better, is equally important.

3. You Are Less Likely To Procrastinate

Knowing that we have a list of To-Dos slated to be completed within a certain timeframe ignites a sense of urgency in us. That very sense of urgency will drive us to quit procrastinating and get started on our tasks.

Sure, I may enjoy plonking myself down on the couch and watch TV the entire day but if I know I have a certain amount of work to complete for the day, a certain piece of music that I want to learn, the dire need for me to actually get out there for a 30-minute jog so that I won't put on weight, I'll be more sensible to get all the tasks done, according to how important and time-sensitive they are. I can, of course, catch some of my TV dosage for the day (and be happy) but limit the time spent watching TV to perhaps half an hour or so.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather be responsible and finish up all important tasks before rewarding myself with leisure activities that aren't actually quite as salient as say, work. My rice bowl is on the line after all.

4. You Simply Get More Things Done

Being busy naturally comes with the accompanying adrenaline that motivates us to keep going and get more things done within a certain amount of time as we do not have the luxury of time to cruise by and slacken off.

Being busy and knowing that we have real deadlines to adhere to (or simply tricking ourselves to stick to self-imposed deadlines of some sort) means that we have no business in wasting precious time doing nothing or slacking.

As the research done by Prof Wilcox and his team has shown, being busy helps you become more productive and you wind up getting more things done.

You'll be amazed how much more efficient you are at work when you're tight on schedule and it's somewhat close to your knock off time - all thanks to your unbelievably strong will to not clock any redundant OT hours because all you want to do is get home in time for dinner with your loved ones.

5. You Have Higher Self-Esteem

How can this be so, you wonder? Well, the very fact that you've been disciplined in keeping up with your busy schedules and checking the boxes off your long list of to-dos will lead you basking in glorious feel-good mode.

You're accomplishing so much though, just like anyone else, you only have 24 hours in a day. That feel-good feeling will leave you feeling and being more positive, more confident.

Of course, you'd rather spend whatever remaining time you've got on hand treating yourself for doing good and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. You, my friend, have no time for any negative vibes.


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