5 healthy reasons to eat more cherries

You'll sleep better after eating more of this fruit. Read on to find out about this and more health benefits of cherries — it might just help ward off cancer too

Eating any fruit is a good thing, as most of them are low in calories and high in vitamins. But not all fruit is created equal, so if you're going to snack it makes sense to go for one which packs a big nutritional punch. Top of the crop has to be the cherry, and here we explain why.

5 healthy reasons to eat more cherries

1. Helping with inflammation
Anything from stress to sugar can cause inflammation, but according to a study in the Journal of Nutrition, cherries could help combat it. That's because they cut some of the biomarkers linked to the condition, plus it's been found that cherry juice can help with arthritis.

2. Nutrients and cancer
Cherries are packed with vitamin C, which helps keep your cells healthy and aids collagen production. It's important you get enough of this vitamin regularly as the body can't store it, so you need to take some on board daily. They also boast a lot of fibre, which is good for your digestion, and both of these help to ward off cancer too.

3. Hypertension and Stroke
It's been found that potassium is important when it comes to combating these illnesses, and once again cherries have it in abundance. In fact, they have almost twice as much as apples and more than strawberries too.

4. Muscles
Unfortunately we're not saying that munching on the fruit will give you abs of steel, but they can ensure your muscles don't hurt so much after a session at the gym. This is because of all the antioxidants they contain, which are anti-inflammatory.

5. Sleep
The hormone which controls sleep is called melatonin and cherries offer it naturally. Research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that drinking juice from the fruit can help people get more shut eye and was beneficial to those who have insomnia. This is also the case if you have jet lag, so consider throwing back some cherry juice next time you step off a long-haul flight.

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