4 tips on how to write the best job resume in Singapore

Want to know how to score brownie points with the hiring manager with your resume? Find out which are the best words to use

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#1 “Emotional intelligence”

Why it scores
It’s not just about how competent you are these days, but how you “involve people in your work, manage them and handle your communications”. In other words, “do you have good EQ?”, says Chan Ngee Key, a career coach at career management site Your Own 360. 
How to use it
Cite an instance where you “acted as a mediator” in a workplace conflict – say, between two colleagues with clashing personalities – and how you resolved it. 

#2 "Intergrity"

Why it scores
With corruption scandals making headlines, recruiters are smiling on candidates with “strong ethics and professionalism”, especially for management roles with big responsibilities.
How to use it
Emphasise that you upheld your last company’s code of ethics to a T. If you were in a sales or purchasing job, for instance, say that you were totally professional and did not award tenders based on favouritism, says Ngee Key.

#3 "Culturally sensitive"

Why it scores
Multinational firms often set up their Asia-Pacific or South-east Asia offices here. “Imagine you’re in a conference call with your foreign counterparts. You must be able to relate to them, be sensitive in your language choice and avoid breaking cultural taboos,” says Ngee Key.
How to use it
Highlight any overseas exposure you gained in previous jobs or school – like if you spent a semester in London or went for a language immersion course in Tokyo.

#4 "Adaptable"

Why it scores
This year, Education Minister Heng Swee Keat cited a CEO who described Singaporeans as being more fearful of new responsibilities compared to their European counterparts. “Bosses are looking for people who can respond to change instead of complaining. If you have to relocate for work one day, we need to know you can adapt to a different environment,” Ngee Key adds.

How to use it
Describe a situation where you were assigned to a new team or project, and how you managed your new responsibilities.

This story was first published in Her World Magazine April 2012.

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