4 reasons why Singaporeans should try to eat alone!

It's not as bad as you think! Read on to find out how eating alone has its perks

The idea of eating alone can be horrifying to many of us. What if I accidentally bump into a group of people I know? Won't everyone think I'm a loser if I'm seen alone? ShopBack is here to dispel the negative connotations associated with eating alone and highlight some of its many perks.


1.) Save money. Duh.

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How many times have we found ourselves in the sticky situation where we order a $10 salad and instead of paying for our own food, the whole group decides to split the entire bill by the number of people present at the table? Skip the pressure to join a big group for a meal and eat alone instead. That way, you only pay for what you eat instead of indirectly chipping in for others' drinks. Even better, pay for your own meal at a discount via Groupon and get cashback on top of your bargain deal with ShopBack!

Good food at cheap prices plus, earn money while you're at it (and use that Cashback for more good food)!


2.) You don't have to listen to mindless chatter.

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In a group of friends, there are naturally the extroverts and the introverts. I speak for introverts who really couldn't care less about the main topics of discussion. We would rather sit alone with our thoughts and perhaps our favourite Beyoncé playlist, thank you very much.


3.) Jump the restaurant queue.

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Restaurant queues during peak periods can be an absolute nightmare. Guess who gets pushed to the back of the priority list? People in groups! Cheers to the lone eater who can find himself or herself cosy in an easily available two-seater. Score.

Better yet, stay home (or in your office) and order food instead! foodpanda offers food delivery from restaurants of varying cuisines. You won't believe the different fast food joints that you can choose from! You'll be spoilt for choice! ShopBack offers 8.0% Cashback for foodpanda so you'll be earning a ton of money from your purchases. Click here to get to foodpanda!


4.) Seriously speaking, eating alone is a good motivator for experimenting with recipes.

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Instead of having to accommodate everyone's preferences, you cater only to yourself. This gives a lot more room for creativity! Buy that cookbook you've always wanted from Book Depository (2.5% Cashback!) and unleash your natural flair for cooking! Even better, start cooking. It is no secret that a man who can cook gains brownie points with the ladies.

In short, contrary to popular belief, eating alone can be therapeutic. Plus points are for the fact that it can help you to save money! Why not use that money for better purposes like treating yourself to a nice online purchase or save up for a short vacation overseas? In any case, ShopBack is here for you. ShopBack partners up with merchants to give you Cashback for purchases, resulting in irresistible deals and amazingly low prices!

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