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Is your lifestyle putting your iPhone at risk?US insurance warranty company SquareTrade claims that a person’s lifestyle choices can pose a direct risk to the health of their iPhone. According to their research, people who frequently trade stocks and shares are 40 percent more likely to accidently damage their iPhone, compared with 25 percent of owners who ride a motorbike or who have tattoos.

Pet owners are 7 percent more likely to have an iPhone-related accident but, most surprisingly of all, people who claim to have sex more than once a week are 15 percent more likely than average to suffer damage to their handset.

“Who knew that people who have sex regularly also have iPhone accidents more frequently? We were also surprised to see that stock traders and tattoo aficionados had something in common,” commented Ty Shay, SquareTrade’s Chief Marketing Officer. “As our devices become increasingly central to our lives, they’re at the mercy of our lifestyles and sometimes risky behavior. This research gives us a glimpse into what trends we may see in the future.”

An earlier SquareTrade survey, published in October, highlighted that in the US, an iPhone is 10 times more likely to be the victim of accidental damage than of loss or theft and that 51 percent of all iPhone accidents happen around the home.

This includes 5 percent of owners who have put their device in the washing machine, 9 percent who have dropped an iPhone down the toilet and 6 percent who claim to have driven away in their car forgetting that their phone was still sitting on the roof. Around the home, 21 percent of accidents happened in the kitchen, closely followed by the living room with 18 percent while the bedroom was relatively safe, being the scene for only 8 percent of accidents.