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These Tarot Energy Scopes are not predictive – they will not be able to tell you what your future is, because you are in control of what you bring into your life in every moment. Instead, they serve as a forecast – think of it as a weather forecast – where we can make sense of the universal energies we are working with, in order to make the best use of our time and efforts. It is designed to help you maximise the good stuff coming your way, and to help you meet your challenges with confidence and grace.

“I let my inner child out to play, to bring joy, luck, creativity and abundance my way.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 ARIES

Dear Aries, take a moment to congratulate yourself – after all the tests, twists and turns of 2015, 2016 sees you wiser, more mature, more able to take on the world with all that you’ve learnt; 2015 may have delivered some truly stunning moments that really tested your self-belief, but in the process, you’ve gained much valuable insight into people while letting go of unhelpful beliefs that have been holding you back. The way you perceive the world is so much sharper and more insightful than before – you are able to take it in with a new level of discernment now. You’re no longer simply taking things at their face value, you’re now able to call in your judgement, decisiveness and intellect to meet the events of your life head on, with your newfound level of wisdom. More importantly, you’ve reached a new level of honesty with yourself.

You’re not taking anyone’s nonsense this year! This will be a year where you will be called upon to use your wisdom, and to check in with your intuition. Each time you’re faced with new situations and people, it’s important to be able to sort through them to see if they are really who they are presenting themselves to be. You will be called upon to use your instincts in making judgment calls; having the ability to discern fact from fiction will be a key skill for you this year.

Speaking your truth firmly yet kindly will be another. Be sure to temper your words with some honey though. You can get your point across without cutting anyone needlessly. Be forceful, but be tactful.Lastly, allow yourself to tune into the joy that your year will be bringing you, because a lot of it will be coming your way! Don’t let the fear of losing control or the thought of how you appear to others get in the way of really experiencing the happy moments in your life. When it’s time to cut loose and just relax, let your mind take a backseat, and be fully present to the ones you love.

Wonder, play and imagination are the keywords for you this year. Have you ever pulled those all-nighters, only to produce work that isn’t exactly up to your liking or standards? This year, the approach isn’t about putting in the hours, but will come from cutting loose and allowing your creativity to flow from within. A relaxed mind is a creative mind. When you find yourself stuck or needing inspiration this year, shut down your laptop and go for a walk. Go to an amusement park. Visit the museum. Anything that allows you to clear the space to hear your intuition speaking to you. And you’d be wise to listen, because your intuition is able to pull together disparate elements from everywhere, and give these ideas to you in the form of hunches, ‘strong feelings’, even though your dreams at night. Listen to them – there are important nuggets of truth they want to tell you. And when the creativity comes, it’ll flow. Allow your playful side to lead your way in your work this year, and it will lead you straight to your pot of gold.

It’s a time of taking stock – if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be looking at how far you’ve come, how you’ve grown together, the ways that you’re adding to each other’s lives. It’s really a kind of contemplative year where you aren’t necessarily rushing to the altar, but also not about to just call it quits and blaze your own solo trail too. Truth is, you’ve grown a lot. Your needs are different now. Discovering how to express these needs and to find ways to meet them is already a project in itself – you’re taking the time to get to know this new version of you, and your partner will need time adjusting to it too! Your partner will also be a mirror for your growth; this year, choose to see every conflict, every disagreement as a chance for reflection and renegotiation.

Not in a relationship? Whether you’re looking or not, this is a great year to take time off to spend quality time with yourself. Take the time to really assess your own growth. How are you different now? Do you like what you see? If you’re looking for love, are those ideas of the ‘ideal one’ still accurate? It may be a time to revise what it is you’re looking for, so you don’t go chasing down 2012’s idea of what you want, vs what the 2016 smarter, sassier you wants. To attract someone who’s the perfect fit for you, you have to also be aware of your own worth. I’m not just talking about the numbers in your bank account, but also your self-esteem – your real appraisal of yourself, the sense of self you bring out with you into the world every single day. This all matters, because that is what the world sees, and responds to. Feeling comfortable in this version of you will go along way in broadcasting your confidence out into the world.

“I am ready to let my fire burn bright, I am ready to glow.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 TAURUS

It’s a transitional year for you; from a bumpier time of change to that of gentleness, play and imagination. Oh, but it will still be a busy year for you, trust me. But you’ll be learning to handle more of the stresses that come your way with lightheartedness and a sense of playful joy. Any opportunity you have to get in touch with your emotions, jump at it. 2015 may have really seen you questioning the structures of your life, all that you’ve built for yourself based on your ideas of comfort and stability. There’s comforting, then there’s constricting – where has it become too comfortable? Where do you see yourself stagnating in some way? 2015 would have brought opportunities that really tested the foundations that you’ve built your life on thus far. Some pieces may have fallen away, perhaps with some reluctance on your part, and with some shock and difficult emotions to boot. But you may have already realized it was all for the better.

You may be feeling even a little lighter somehow – albeit a little raw and wary. But take heart, in 2016, you’re finding your way forward a little more tentatively, but with hope and willingness to explore, to wonder, and to be open again. What is it that you’ll find? Who are you, really? Which part of yourself have you lost touch with, that you’d like to reclaim again? Your emotions will hold the key to these questions.

You don’t even have to dive too deep to find valuable insights – it’s just about noticing the moments when you’re really, truly happy, and making room for more of that in your life. There’s times when you notice you’re just tired and sick of certain things, and you can arrange your time to make sure there’s less of that. Don’t be in too much of a rush to feel like you need things to look or feel a certain way immediately – let there be a vacuum for a little bit to see what comes in. Feel your way forward. Let your imagination lead the way when it comes to anything you need to face in 2016. Having a lighter, more playful mindset will help you see solutions to problems and blocks, and you will discover that you are way more resourceful than you ever believed yourself to be!

You are going in the right direction, dear Taurus. There’s literally no brighter card than the Sun – and I am so excited for you! You will see a spotlight on your work, and it’s well-deserved. Fame and acclaim may be heading for you, which is a more traditional way of looking at it. But I see it as a lot brighter and shinier in all ways. Yes, there will be attention, glory, accolades, and all the good stuff. May it be so! But another way to look at it is, that you’re finally infusing your true self, your essence and what makes you YOU into your work now. You have a deeper level of self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-esteem than ever before. And it’s paying off, big time. This is a great year for finally letting that pet project you’ve been nursing and working on a while to show. This is also a great time for launches, promoting yourself, polishing your professional image, and showing your best self to the world. Make hay while the sun shines, baby. There’s no better time.

If you’re in a relationship now, you’re focused on building a strong foundation for it in 2016. You don’t want to waste any more time, you’re serious about making it a partnership to go the distance. You want it to be a place you can seek solace from in tides of change or trying times. How are you going to make it a strong one? Trust, communication and being upfront about your needs – I see those as being some of the things you’ll be discussing. Communication especially – it’s about voicing out exactly what you need from the other, figuring out acceptable compromises, and building trust step by step. However, be sure to come from a place of fairness and empowerment – and not make it about power and control. To be able to cultivate a strong relationship, there has to be trust and a kind of vulnerability, where giving and taking are balanced and in no need of score-keeping.

If you’re not in a relationship right now, there is a chance that someone substantially older than you may take your fancy. What is it about him that attracts you? His stability, his confidence, his assuredness? Perhaps you feel that being with a strong, stable man will add more stability to your life. If you’re not actively looking or in a place to want a relationship right now, or in any other kind of ‘It’s Complicated’ relationship, I have an inkling that your focus will be on building yourself up to be strong and confident in yourself, your ability to structure your life to get things done, to handle your business – than to seek out anyone else right now. You may have a desire to channel more of the Emperor’s drive, structure, willpower in your life, if that is so, then follow your gut. It will not lead you astray.

“I can make magic happen, my heart will lead the way”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 GEMINI

You have the means to reach your goals, lovely Gemini. You’re feeling affirmed, supported, confident in your ideas and plans that you are now raring to turn into reality. I feel this sense of excitement bubbling up in you – accompanied by a sense of assuredness, like, YES, I can bring my dreams into practical reality. Yes, I have what it takes to reach my goals. 2015 might have been a year where you really let yourself explore, trying out new experiences and maybe even new personas on for size. You were figuring out where you’re heading and whether you’re comfortable with what you’ve done with your life so far. Things may have changed really quickly for you, as you morphed into the more empowered and self-aware version of you, the one who’s greeting 2016 right now.

And all your seeking has really paid off! You are more secure in your skin now, you’re way more attuned to your true worth and what you can uniquely bring to the world. And with that, comes a sense of grounding. What resources can you marshal, both from within and without? You will be calling on a lot of your personal resources that you’ve built up over the past year. It could be new skills, new relationships, new inspirations to build the world of your dreams. The time for adventuring is temporarily over – you’re now in your building phase, to build a secure foundation for yourself you can lean on for the years to come.

Nowhere will this newfound sense of confidence be able to come through more than in your realm of Work & Wealth, dear Gemini. You have so much raw material to work with now! You are able to turn your dreams into reality – when it comes to work, the question is, which of these dreams do you see the most long term potential? Where do you see yourself focusing all your energy and attention? You can bring anything into reality as long as you know what you want, why you want it, and if all of you really wants it – including your heart, not just your mind. This is an amazing energy for you to work with. Use it wisely and to your advantage, by focusing all your energies on the areas you’ve identified. You may have to put on the blinders a little bit. Start saying ‘no’ more so that you can say ‘yes’ to your own projects.

There are positive signs that your relationship will be steadily growing stronger this year, if you are in a committed relationship right now. I’ve a feeling that it might be because of all the work that you’ve put towards showing the more Feminine side of strength. It’s a kind of soft strength that isn’t about brawn, muscle or brute force. These manifest as tolerance, gentleness, allowing the space to be, as well as having patience. Though quieter and less dramatic, these are very valuable tools for you to navigate the waters of love. You’re finding that certain things really aren’t worth the fight or getting upset about anymore – you’ve risen above it. The love you have for your partner allows you to value peaceful communication over petty fights. And it’s all paying off in a mutually respectful relationship. Conversely, it might also be about your partner demonstrating that side of strength too – he/she might have taken the lead in being tolerant and patient, showing you in the process how it’s totally possible to be strong yet gentle at the same time.

If you’re not in a committed relationship right now, whether you’re looking to be in one or not, there is a calmness about you. You’re truly realizing that it doesn’t take another person for you to feel a certain way about yourself. You’re discovering that your heart can bloom, just for yourself – you can be in love, without needing a lover. You’re realizing that the texture of love is so different when it’s directed at yourself, at your own heart. You’re discovering how you can be alone but not lonely. And that is so wonderful! If you’re dating, or actively seeking out a relationship, it will be perfect to project that sense of confidence and strength as you go on your dates. When you are able to interact with the other without any sense of expectation, just enjoying their company without being too attached to the outcome, you will be surprised at where it will lead you.

“I am unstoppable when I trust myself.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 CANCER

Hello, sharp mind. What do you most use your mind for? Is it to make smart choices in your life, or to cast judgement – upon yourself or others? 2016 will see events coming up in your life that will require you to make the best use of your discerning mind. In any challenge, you will be calling upon your powers of judgement, your ability to see through BS, and your insights to pierce through smoke and mirrors to take actions in your best interest. 2015 was really a year where you had to do a lot of feeling – you probably won’t admit this to
anyone, but you know you feel so much; sometimes you may have feared being pulled down by the undertow. You may have felt a little frightened by the intensity of it, the directions it pulled you in, the uncertainty of shifting sands and trying to make your way across ground that was far from solid. It may have felt like traipsing around in mud one second, and skating across ice the next, unable to stop yourself. 

Do you want to know a secret, dear Cancer? All those emotions were really just a test for you to see if you could ride them well, to understand what triggers the ups and downs, and the true meaning behind them – so that you could really understand yourself on a deeper, more intimate level than before. If you paid attention, and did the necessary work to observe your emotions – they really help you experience all facets of yourself, not just the shiny pretty front that you show to the world. You will come to realize that having this wealth of experience in riding your emotions will serve you well when you are making decisions in 2016 – you now know when you’re making a purely emotional decision, vs an intellectual one, and how to balance the two. The keyword here is finding a balance. When using your intellect to make a decision, take time to figure out the most compassionate, gentle way to implement it. When letting your heart guide your actions, figure out a way that will still take care of your material and long term professional interests.

Have you been honing a particular skill set? Have you already taken every class, read a ton of books, been working on it for a long while now? Preparing? I’m here to tell you that you ARE ready, dear Cancer. It’s your year to really turn your ideas into gold. This year has the energy of action – doing, manifesting, bringing into practical reality. You are at a phase where you are ready to show your work, you are ready to make it happen. Not only that, you ARE ready to succeed and profit from it. All it takes is your commitment and faith in your mastery of your particular craft, and to stick with it long enough to reap the rewards. Remember how we talked about mastering your emotions and allowing them to inform your decisions, instead of letting them lead you? This comes into play in your work as well – don’t let those feelings sway you off your path. You are super prepared. You do know your stuff. You DO know your market, your audience. It’s all within you. Don’t let those doubts be bigger than your dreams, dear Cancer. The only caveat: work steadily at it. Come up with a plan that you can stick to. Persevere, dear Cancer. I’m seeing that the pot of gold is waiting for you, there for your taking.

If you are in a partnership right now, I see this year as a shift towards including others in your activities and plans than staying in your exclusive twosome. Sometimes, growing as a couple requires reflection and feedback from others. You get to observe how you both interact in a group; you may see a side of each other that surprises the both of you and allows you to experience another facet of them. It may also point to a desire to collaborate and to join forces in a business or a project – what skills does your lover possess that complement yours too? Could you guys possibly put them together to make something profitable out of it? Whatever you ultimately decide to do, the theme of learning underlies all of it – to make your relationship grow stronger, adopting an attitude of humility will allow you to learn from each other’s strengths, while supporting and shoring up areas of weaknesses. There is much wisdom in the other that will be able to benefit you.

If you aren’t in a committed relationship at the moment, I see that you’re putting your focus into your heart’s projects and turning your dreams into reality. You’re learning and growing, and you aren’t too concerned about being single right now. But you do know that you’re extraordinarily attractive when you’re in your element right? Your potential amour may be secretly admiring you as you put out your work with confidence and grace. So the one may land in your lap while you aren’t even looking! Isn’t that usually the case?

“I have the courage to look within. I have the courage to share my gifts.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 LEO

Dear Leo, 2016 will be a year where you’re starting a new cycle. You’ve probably already been spending the last few months of 2015 shaking off the dust of a completed cycle, during which time may have felt kind of low key and slower-paced for you. It’s important to always remember that life isn’t a straight line trajectory – there are cycles, waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing. I know you take pride in knowing how things will go and feeling in control, and feeling like you’ve got it all handled (in fact, who doesn’t?) but I have a feeling that 2015 might have shaken some of that certainty up. There may have been quite a few surprises for you, where you were compelled to question many things in your life. It’s like suddenly discovering that, hey, life is not as cut and dried as I thought it was; I DON’T have it all figured out, I don’t know everything yet… But instead of letting that thought scare you, this year, you’ll be allowing a sense of excitement to come in. The start of this new phase will be all about further self-discovery, and going after long-held dreams that you may have shelved indefinitely. 2016 will bring you many opportunities where you will get a chance to approach life with curiosity, creativity and confidence. You’re cutting loose a little. And all for good reason! Because there are wonderful surprises waiting for you, and they will all be better than anything you could ever imagine!

This will be a year where you will surprise yourself, with your level of creativity, passion and boldness that you are able to harness. You may be hesitant to label yourself or to put yourself in a box just yet – you’re having too much fun exploring! You’ll be allowing yourself to shine in ways that you never thought you could. You’ll be discovering new areas of self-expression: perhaps you never fancied yourself much of a dancer, but you go take up dance classes anyway, and find yourself enjoying it so much! Ever wanted to paint, sculpt, write, bellydance, sing…? It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you open yourself up to trying it out and going in with the intention of simply having fun and being able to direct your fiery life force at something creative. Your untapped creative potential is just waiting to burst out this year; you will feel your life force surging through you, and you will feel so good. Allow yourself to revel in that.

Isn’t it so satisfying to know that something you’ve built with your own time, effort, sweat and tears can stand the test of time, and be the bedrock you can build your whole life upon? This is the year you’ll begin building towards that sense of satisfaction in your work. It’s time to get structured, organized and systematic. All that creativity needs to be channelled constructively so that it can be most effective, and get the best results. On a higher level, this could be assuming a position of authority, where you’ll be learning how to lead others, and be an example to them. You will be filling those shoes and taking up those reins – and honestly, you were born to do it. If there was any fear or doubt, banish those
thoughts right away! With your big heart and ability to take charge courageously, there is no better candidate for a leadership position. It’s an area of your life that you want to count on to bring yourself that sense of security. I would say take it slow, but at a steady clip. It’s important to not let emotions lead you astray – if you’re able to come up with a plan that you’re confident about, stick with it and see it through. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Dear Leo in a relationship, you know that you love being showered with attention and affection. Nothing makes you feel more treasured than being adored. However, if you’re facing any kind of problem in your relationship, it is time to really dig deep and ask yourself some important questions, such as: does your need for attention and affection sometimes override your partner’s ability to give it at the moment? Perhaps he or she is really stressed, tired, or even ill, and thus not able to give as much as they would like to, temporarily. How do you respond to that? Is your give and take equal? I’m sorry Leo, to cut so close to the bone this quickly, but these questions seem to be pertinent to your love life at the moment. There may be situations that arise in your partnership that may have you questioning yourself and your dynamic in this way, especially if there have been recurring arguments, or a pattern of spats that seem to go nowhere… It’s time to really dig deep and look at your motivations.

On the other hand, if you’re staying in a relationship because of other reasons – and let’s face it, people get into relationships for all kinds of reasons – it might be time to do a review if that’s actually serving you and your greater good. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: Is this relationship holding you back in some way? Are you actually using your relationship as an escape or to hide from something (yourself and your gifts, maybe?). Are your standards so high you find yourself constantly disappointed by your partner? I don’t want to speculate, because there could be so many underlying reasons, but I would encourage you to probe gently… once you have the answers to these questions, you will know the next step to take.

If you’re not in a committed relationship at the moment, you may be finding yourself drawn to someone you could reasonably deem as being Bad For You. Meaning, that mysterious, dark, tall and handsome guy, who’s also a womanizer. The artsy, romantic wanderer who has a hard time staying committed. If that’s the case, if you’re looking at them for something serious, you will really have to ask yourself what you’re getting into before you dip your toe in. There are times when you will need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it! Also, someone may be appealing to your ego – they may shower you with compliments and buy you expensive gifts, but be sure to check what their motivations really are.

“I trust myself unconditionally. My creativity will shine for all to see.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 VIRGO

Dear Virgo, I see you shining with creativity and enthusiasm. I see that you’ve reached a new level of confidence in yourself and your ability to be original, that you’re now owning what is unique and powerful within you. You are ready to show the world what you’ve got. More importantly, you’re now taking bold, concrete steps to reach your goals in 2016! Honestly, the energy I feel for you this year is just pure excitement, with a sense of determination and optimism. 2015 was a year that really pushed you to question what’s important – what you hold dear to your heart, your true life purpose, where you’re directing your efforts, what really lights you up, and what you’re willing to work towards and fight for in the long term. All the challenges of the year only served to bring you closer to what matters to you. This year, the more risks you take, the more you’re willing to put yourself out there, to step up into the spotlight, the more the world will be able to reward you for your efforts and your talents.

This is not the year to stay low-key, or be in the background. This is the year to front your efforts with your signature grace and quiet confidence. Every time your nerves get to you, think to yourself, who are you serving? Who are the people that NEED what you’ve been cooking up? Who are the people that will be able to benefit so much from what you’ve been working so hard on? Every time you get self-conscious, just remember you’re not putting yourself out there just for any old fame, or recognition – it’s about really giving the world something useful, that has the potential to help people be happy or lead better lives. Yes, I have no doubt that your goals are that ambitious, dear Virgo, because you of all signs are able to make it happen.

Do you think of creativity, and of productivity as a factory line, just chugging along, that you can flip on and off like a switch? Or do you think of it in terms of cycles, as an organic process that waxes and wanes, ebbs and flows? How you see the flows of your work and wealth this year will greatly determine how you feel about what’s happening in these areas of your life. The truth is, we can’t always be 100% productive all the time, even though we may prefer for that to be so. Our productivity isn’t governed by neat, 5 day blocks of 8 hours each. It just doesn’t work that way for everyone, even if practical reality dictates it. So when you hit a block or get frustrated with your level of productivity, step back for a moment and really allow yourself to feel what you really need at the moment – should you be stepping away from your desk, and taking a break instead? Will pushing yourself for a few more hours really produce the kind of work that you’re happy with? 

Also, because of how closely tied your sense of self-worth is to your work, this will always be an area of your life that will stir up emotions for you. 2016 will offer you many opportunities to question: How much is my work really worth? Am I confident about what I’m offering to the world? Am I undervaluing myself? These are questions that only you can answer, dear Virgo, and they may not be answers that you can necessarily get out of a book. They may not even have clear-cut answers, and will require you to do some trial-and-error testing, some deep probing within yourself, some experimental steps to get feedback from others. It will also require research and putting your work out there in the world to get it grounded in reality, so that you can get real-world evidence of what it’s worth.

If you are in a relationship right now, this is the year to take a novel approach to love matters. In your secret heart of hearts, you know that you want passion, excitement and adventure in a relationship, alongside all the good stuff like stability and loyalty. How do you bring more of that into your love life? You have to do your part, to really make time for it – to plan surprises, to go on date nights, to not default to the usual hangout and try something new instead. Channel some of your creativity into your romantic partnership, and you’ll really see it grow and nurture you in a way that you’ve forgotten you could feel. If you’re willing to put in the work – with enthusiasm and joy – the warm fuzzies will return to you in no time. Though it must be said that it does take two hands to clap – be sure to let your partner in on what you’re hoping to create more of in your relationship, and see that they are onboard to do their part in making it a fun and exciting partnership again too!

If you aren’t coupled right now, whether you’re looking or not, ‘serious’ won’t be a word that you’ll be associating with a romantic relationship. Why should you settle for boring? This is the year you’ll want to dress up and shine, just for yourself, because you want to look good and feel good. You’ll want to bring your vibrant self to the fore because you’re enjoying how you feel when you are uniquely yourself, compromising yourself for no one. And this will be exactly the quality that will be drawing you more suitors than you can imagine! When you shine, dear Virgo, you light up the sky. Your boldness, assertiveness and confidence will be turning heads and drawing admiring glances. This is the year when someone who puts in effort for a fun and creative date will impress you more than the good old movie and dinner. Be your best, vibrant self, and love will be flowing your way.

“Steadily and surely, I am building my security.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 LIBRA

You’re in the midst of a cycle that is currently all about building. You’re looking to surround yourself with tangible results of your efforts. You want to feel like the Queen of your empire, you’re willing to put in the work to get there, and we are all cheering you on! What are you working towards, dear Libra? What is it that has gotten you all fired up, looking so determined? A business is definitely on your mind: are you starting your own lifestyle blog? Designing your own line of accessories? Or are you building up your online presence? Or
maybe even a multimillion dollar empire! This year brings an energy of seriousness and drive – you’ve set your sights on a particular goal, and you’re not going to let anything or anyone stop you.

The year’s energy supports you in committing to your efforts and helping you to drive your plans forward. In 2015, you may already have laid the groundwork for this project or plan that you’re now so eager to bring into fruition, and if you’re still waiting for any sign to move forward boldly – this is it! This year supports steady efforts, tried and tested methods, and sheer willpower and patience to see things through. It’s not a year for trying out shortcuts, or testing out the latest fads. If in doubt, consider investing in expert opinion, seeking out the advice of people who have gone before you on your path, doing research, and basically making sure that your bases are covered. Above all, your persistence is required.

In balancing out the fiery energy of the year that will be driving all your efforts, an element of patience and restraint is needed. With all that go-go-go and sheer horsepower energy, there is a danger of missing the mark or making overly hasty decisions. Take breaks to check in periodically that you are still aligned with your big picture. You will need to call in your higher self often, so that you’re mindful of what you’re doing and it’s not something you decided to impulsively take on just because it looked good in the moment. You can sometimes get so caught up in the excitement of things, that you get momentarily swept away! And that is not a bad thing – but this year, it is important to be able to focus your energies on the things that are truly worthwhile.

Which areas of your work do you place your focus on to an excess? For example, there are certain things you pay attention to more because you enjoy them, while neglecting some other equally vital, yet not so fun bits. Only you will know where you will need to find more balance. Achieving a sense of harmony is key – where all parts are working together in tandem. You may also be called upon to play the mediating role in your work – where your diplomatic abilities will come in very handy when it comes to navigating conflicts, seeing that different parties get their needs met. I also see teaching and learning for you to be the big themes of the year – we learn best when we teach, so go out there and spread what you know, and you will end up learning even more in the process! Or you may discover that there are certain ideas that are intriguing to you, or that you have certain gaps in your knowledge, and you would love to explore them further through higher learning.

If you’re in a relationship right now, you and your amour will be reaching a new level of commitment, love and stability. I have a feeling that 2015 really involved the both of you getting to know each other on a deeper level. That was a year where you grew closer, discovered a lot about each other, which perhaps involved working out the kinks of your relationship, while understanding where certain compromises may have to be made. Many often neglect that effort is needed to make a love relationship work, but this time around, you’ve put in the effort to make it something to go the distance. This year, this solid base will be a springboard for a collaboration between the two of you – you may also be excited about what the both of you can bring into practical reality – you’ve found the one that your ideas just flow with, who you can bounce ideas off, and who inspires you to get things moving and that you want to make things happen with. Whether it’s going to be a baby or a creative project, know that this sense of excitement can be trusted. This is an area of your life where you will be feeling really excited about, and where it will be wise to channel all of that restless energy into a project outside of yourselves. For example, a home improvement project, a shared savings goal or even an investment portfolio. Putting your heads together to dream up of a shared objective, and working towards it as a team will cement your bond and bring it to the next level.

If you are single, this year will be about making sure that feeling safe and secure within your own skin is a priority for you. Your own sense of security is important because we first need to offer ourselves the love that we look for, so that we are not looking for someone to complete us, but instead, complement us. How does the prospect of this sound to you? I know, it may seem like a real task if you’ve never really considered this before. But it really starts with the little things. It’s about having faith in your own talents, your own voice, and your own abilities. All of which you have in bucketloads. You have no reason to really doubt yourself, or your true worth. It’s also about knowing that can be comfortable and happy in your own skin, without being coupled up. When your self-belief is deeply rooted within you, your glow will draw in admirers from everywhere.

“I am so strong I can be gentle.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 SCORPIO

Dear Scorpio, did 2015 bring you many new self-realizations? 2015 was probably a culmination of a few years when you were navigating your inner world, fighting demons, wrestling with uncomfortable thoughts, and really facing down some of your worst fears. Every time you tried to ignore it or to stuff your emotions down, they just came up, rearing their heads, forcing you to confront them. Take a moment to breathe deeply, my love. Take a moment to congratulate yourself, and to look back over the terrain you’ve traversed. Though it’s all par for the course for you – being a Scorpio, you should already be very familiar with exploring your inner world – you should still feel proud of yourself for all that you’ve managed to work through. 2016 will be the physical manifestation of the changes that you having been going through internally. These changes will start to show – from the way you lead your day to day life, the thoughts you allow to take up space in your mind, to the way you interact with others, and the attitude you approach life with in general. I see a kind of softening in you, a knowledge that it isn’t necessary to always be the strong one, that having your vulnerabilities show doesn’t make you weak – in fact, it allows others to draw closer to you, because under all your impressive abilities, you are so very human, so very sensitive, and so deserving of the love that others can’t wait to give you.

This complete change will manifest in unique ways depending on your individual life path. It could be practical things, like leaving a job or moving to another country. But more likely, it could be about far reaching psychological changes. It’s like a switch flipped in you. You may suddenly decide that you don’t want to do things a certain way any more, you may discover that there truly isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for certain things – that not all things are black and white, and don’t need to be judged as so. Sometimes what feels right may look wrong on the surface, and you’re now able to tolerate that tension, and to accept that certain things just can’t be passed or worked through with your intellectual mind. Basically, an utter and total transformation that has been years in the making. You’re also finding new ways of expression of the darkness within you.

Although culturally, ‘darkness’ has taken on some kind of ominous, negative quality to it – most of the fear and mystery around it is totally unfounded. Darkness simply means qualities that are underground, that operate within our subconscious, that don’t necessarily get to be expressed in our day to day life. You will be finding more ways to work with the darker feelings within you, and to let it out in safe, creative ways, through art or other forms of self-expression.

You’re already an expert at assessing, making judgement calls, collecting facts and information, and preparing an excellent summary of what’s going on. Your sharp mind is prized and rewarded at work, and rightly so! I see you reaching a new level of mastery in your work this year. 2015 was really a period that broadened your mind, with a lot of new information flooding in and challenging you and your psyche in ways that you’ve never experienced before. There was a lot to take in. You learnt a lot, and had to learn to become more flexible, to evolve the ways you think, and to consider alternate viewpoints. All of that had a purpose, dear Scorpio. They were challenges to help you develop your mental faculties further, and to help you eventually fulfill the potential of all that you are here to offer the world. And that potential is great!

This year, it’s about putting together all that you’ve learnt in a way that can further benefit others. You’re skilled at putting disparate elements together. You are blessed with superb organizational skills and managing many different moving parts. You are excellent at synthesizing information. Many of your rewards will come from helping others to see issues at work the way you do – while offering up all your brilliant solutions. You will be a way-shower. Refining your ways of articulating your truth to those you work with will be the ultimate key to your success this year. Temper your tone with some honey, dear Scorpio. Learn to see when to hold back and when to speak up. You will see that even when you don’t explicitly state things in the plainest terms ever, your point still gets across. You will be respected, not feared, and things will still get done – brilliantly.

If you are in a relationship, it’s time to let your intellectual side take a backseat. Yes, that means giving your mind – that gets to be so brilliantly used in your work – a little rest. Allow your heart, your soul and your spirit to take over. I see a deep femininity in you that wants to be expressed, dear Scorpio. “Wait, I’m a woman – I’m already feminine by default,” you say, “what do you mean?” To be clear, both men and women have the feminine AND the masculine in them. Each is associated with different qualities, and the feminine is defined by intuition, patience, allowing, creativity, whereas the masculine is about action, bringing ideas into practical reality, and drive. Both have their place in the world, both are equally important. In matters of love, what this means is to remove the usual mind-oriented, problem solving approach that you would usually apply to work and other areas of your life, and allowing your heart to come forward instead. Whenever things get foggy or unclear, probe gently to find the heart of the matter. I have a feeling that many issues that will arise this year will be matters that aren’t necessarily neat, rational problems that can be solved by putting a band-aid on it – or even necessarily need to be solved. Rather, they may simply need to be heard, need some breathing room, space for expression, as well as your support and attention.

If you’re not in a committed relationship at the moment, or looking for someone – there is a reason for it. You are deeply exploring what it even means to be a woman. What is there to being a woman? The answer is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You want to be really strong and confident in yourself being the woman in a relationship. You want to know what you are fully capable of bringing to a partnership – and what you want out of it. You are exploring it deeply, and enjoying the process a fair bit. There’s no rush or hurry to be in a relationship, because this process of getting to know yourself is already a pretty consuming process! I see you happy to stand alone for a bit and feeling at peace about it. We attract the things that we need for us in our lives, my love, and when you are standing so deeply and beautifully in your peace, so comfortable in your skin, if it is right for you, the perfect one you for you will walk right into your life.

“My love is bigger than my fear. My courage will lead me to what I hold dear.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 SAGITTARIUS

Your world is steadily expanding, dear Sagittarius. I can feel you reaching out far beyond the borders of what you once thought possible. You’re no longer content with the confines you thought you’d be happy living within. This year, the world will offer up a plethora of choices and opportunities for you – it’s a beginning of a new cycle of sorts, where you’re now more ready to follow your heart and to discover where your creativity and passion can lead you. There are by no means any clear answers, or even a clear end-goal. But what has become increasingly clear to you is this: that there will no longer be any kind of satisfying life where you’re only living a half-truth, or a boiled down version of what’s in your heart. This is what will really serve you well in 2016: to go after what’s in your heart. You will know what it is when it fills you up with passion, that clearly isn’t just mere intellectual stimulation, but is something that truly excites you to your core. Because once the initial heady excitement fades, it’s still something that sticks with you.

Taking a beginner’s mindset to everything that you do in this year will be rewarding – without expectations, but with all your enthusiasm and curiosity. Because the rewards will be great – I actually see an exciting new vista for you where once you allow the floodgates to open, you will find yourself buoyed by all the amazing opportunities that you’d never imagined. Don’t let yourself be weighed down by thinking too far ahead about the what-ifs or wanting to achieve mastery immediately. Be in the moment and enjoy how it feels like to do whatever it is that you’ve set your heart on doing – whether it’s starting a new business, learning a new skill, picking up a new hobby, joining a social group, teaching a class, any new endeavor. There is a chance that all this novelty about you may lead you to become distracted easily, though. So to make the best use of this energy, it’s important to repeatedly bring your focus back to what really matters to you, and to follow through on it.

With all the creativity flowing into your world, you will be feeling a new sense of empowerment, dear Sagittarius. You have discovered that what you do know, your own point of view, your voice and your experience all add up into something unique and irreplaceable. And it truly does! It’s important to really connect to your own truth, what is within you, than to look to others for a sense of where to go this year. 2015 was really a year that involved you dipping your toes into multiple projects, testing out different directions and getting a feel for where you wanted to go. It was where outmoded ways of doing things fell away, that may have left you feeling a little lost and seeking out a new sense of direction. There was less certainty in your life. Yet, it also served to connect you with yourself.

The truth is, the world needs what you are capable of creating. Anything that fell away in 2015 – it’s safe to let them go. Chances are, they weren’t meant to be in your life. All that had happened last year was to bring you to where you are now – ready to start creating. You’re no longer in that destabilizing energy. You’re calmer, more collected, with a better sense of where to direct your energies. You have learnt a lot. How do you constructively channel this flow of creativity? First thing is to take the pressure off yourself. Think of it as co-creating with the universe. There will be work involved, but it shouldn’t feel like a struggle. Be open and willing to receive by clearing whatever is unnecessary out of your life and your schedule – good things can only come in when you consciously make space for it.

If you’re in a relationship, you might be seeking some spontaneity and excitement from it. You of all signs refuse to be caged in, dear Sagittarius, so this probably isn’t new to you. When you start feeling restless and antsy, you’re likely to be packing your bags for an impromptu vacation or even start a new venture on a whim. But what if you can’t just flounce out of the door at the first sign of boredom anymore? What if boredom isn’t as terrible as you think it is? What if… boredom might actually be a natural by-product of that stability that you’ve been working so hard at building? This year, you may have to learn ways of injecting fun, excitement and passion into your existing relationship – without it having to be something big and dramatic all of the time. Sure, plan for those trips, and buy tickets to watch that exciting production, try out that new restaurant. But for the day to day, in order to keep the flame kindled, it may simply be about daily shows of affection and acts of consideration, like putting your phone away on date nights. And also about communicating, by spending the time to talk about everything and nothing at all, sitting down and spending time together for that express purpose. Because it does look like a great year to keep building your relationship and enjoying all that it brings – the key difference is, you’ll just be learning this year about all the different kinds of excitement and thrill you can
derive from it, especially a longer-term form of satisfaction.

If you’re single, you may be in the mood to date and flirt up a storm. What’s out there? Who are all the people you’ve been wondering about, how are they like, how would it be like to kiss them? You’re keen on doing a little research and finding out just how varied people can be. You’re probably not really in the mood for something too serious at the moment! Do have fun my love, but remember that spending time with someone still involves your precious time and energy. Be sure the give and take is equal, that you are having fun, instead of inadvertently finding yourself in the company of someone who drains you.

‘With every step I take, I’m closer to my heart’s desires.’

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 CAPRICORN

Dear Capricorn, did 2015 leave you feeling overworked, and slightly ragged around the edges? I think it might have been a year where you saw yourself putting in effort towards several projects, fueled by your typical spotless work ethic – maybe some bore fruit, some didn’t. It may have been a mixed bag. More importantly though, you may have started to question the reasons why you do the things you do, and where to better direct your efforts. All of that was very valuable introspection. It might be helpful to understand that you’re in a cycle of transformation – who you think you are and what you think you want have been concepts that were thrown up for introspection a lot these few years, and you are so different from the person you were when you first started out. You’ve embarked on a journey and you have been changed by it. All of that is natural.

The truth is, you are a powerhouse when you focus all your efforts on something you deem worthwhile, so it definitely serves you well to refine your direction and to be wholehearted along your journey. Because WHY you’re doing something is infinitely more important than what you are actually doing. If you’ve often been motivated by security, achievement, step-by-step and predictable trajectories to success, you might have found something amiss from the mix, or that it just doesn’t seem to be working well for you anymore. You may have found yourself dragging your feet, and your steps getting heavy. That’s because life isn’t ALL hard work, dear Capricorn, and you’re getting the message. And when it does come to work, plugging along without any input from your heart and soul makes things harder than it needs to be. That style of working just doesn’t work for you anymore. And you’re ready to let your heart lead.This year, lift your chin up. Dare to reach for what brings you happiness and hope, instead of comfort and security.

Your path is illuminated by hope and inspiration. Reach for your joy. Let what lights you up be the light in your life. With the start of this year, I hope that you can remember that you are so worthy of feeling happy, safe and joyful, all at the same time. Let this feeling be the one that carries you throughout this year.

You hold the world in your hands, when it comes to your work. There is a certain sense of being more in control and feeling more at ease. You have more authority. You are more certain and confident about what you know, and the value of your work in the material world. You are surveying the landscape before you, and considering all the opportunities that are coming your way. You have the pick of a few very good options. You are ready to go for what would serve you best. I hope you’ll take a moment to congratulate yourself! You’ve worked so very hard to get here, and your efforts are truly paying off. Nothing tastes sweeter than a well-earned reward, so please take the time to savor it!

So how do you make the best use of this energy? The best way is to stay grounded and focused on your core desires – and also factor in what will bring you joy, and what you really
love above all else. What is it that you truly want to achieve? What are the goals that you are working towards, that you wake up, jump out of bed, and can’t wait to get started on? When you channel your energy in one direction, it would reap much better rewards than dispersing them in many different projects. Your expertise and knowledge is developed, and you’re ready to bring it to the next level by further honing it. It’s also important to not let ego get in your way. Ego needs can sometimes trip us up, when we bite off more than we can chew, forget to acknowledge others’ efforts, or speak too boastfully about ourselves. This year, remember to temper your tone with honey, and to pace yourself.

If you are in a relationship right now, changes are coming your way. The both of you have been growing and changing rapidly. When you grow, your needs and desires change. It’s all a very natural part of the process – our partners are often the ones who will reflect this change back to us. When both parties are able to grow together, a relationship is able to move on to the next level and evolve with the both of you. But when change takes you in different directions, a relationship may have to end or take on another form. Sometimes, we say to each other ‘You’ve changed!’, almost accusingly, as though it is a negative thing, or something we need to be ashamed of or fearful about. My love, it truly isn’t a bad thing. We are all evolving beings, changing as we go through life and experiencing all that it has to bring. It’s a sign of your growing wisdom, and that you’re ready to move on to other lessons. If you are experiencing any upheaval at the moment, or know in your heart that there has been something off about it, know that it is all part of the process. Something needs to be worked out and resolved between the both of you.

If you are not in a relationship at the moment, or looking to be in one, well, prepare to be surprised. Who are the kinds of people you are drawn to? What turns you on, on a deeper
level? You may find all of these things changing, finding yourself strangely attracted to someone you never considered before. This is just reflective of the transformation you’ve been going through personally. If you’ve ever considered yourself as having a certain ‘type’, or you would ‘never’ go for someone who is (insert characteristic here) – prepare to have all these ideas challenged or overturned completely. Who is this stranger you are attracted to? How is it that they are taking over your every thought? You may be acting uncharacteristically, and finding yourself just so bewildered at it all. I say ride it, dear Capricorn. Go with the flow. All these experiences have something to tell you about yourself, these different and seemingly strange feelings are clues to what’s been brewing in your heart. They will reveal what’s been hiding in your heart. Know that life is too short to try to repress what lies within you, it may be time to let it show!


Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 AQUARIUS

This year will see you merging your efforts with others in social groups and activities. 2015 might have been a little bit of a solitary path for you, with some lessons and experiences you had to go through alone. The year may have challenged you to show what’s in your heart – whatever that you deemed weird, too out there, or not important – events may have give you a push in revealing them to yourself, facing up to them, and accepting them. As a result, you’re more willing to wear them on your sleeve. You may have alienated some people in the process, but all of that was for a bigger cause: you’re now standing stronger in a self that truly reflects who you are as a person and what’s in your heart. This year, you’re ready to rejoin groups that fit your new interests, and come together with peers who will be able to stimulate you and challenge you in new ways. More importantly, it will allow you to open up a little to show your heart – your true self, what really makes you tick, and what’s in your heart. The more you are able to share and communicate with others this year, the more benefits will be flowing to you. You’ll grow so much through group interactions this year, dear Aquarius!

If you’ve ever felt like a bit of an oddball, or believed that you’d never find likeminded souls who share your interests, then this will be the year you will discover otherwise. In fact, you will start meeting kindred spirits who will be able to give you a sense of kinship and community – it will change your life in so many positive ways. Embrace this wholeheartedly! Not only is it a reflection that you are on the right path, you will find much joy and celebration within a group. The energy of give and take, your identity in a group, holding your own in a group without dominating it, self-disclosure without being inappropriate, offering support and being a pillar to someone – these will be the themes you may find coming up in your life. It will be a negotiation of sorts to you, where you will have to navigate your way through these waters, and it may not be without its challenges. But with the right people, it will all be worthwhile as you will gain a lot in self-understanding, which you wouldn’t be able to experience going solo.

In your arena of work this year, it’ll be important to consider others’ viewpoints when making decisions or moving ahead with your plans, dear Aquarius. As you can see, the energy of the group is already permeating your year, and work is especially highlighted for this. For all of you who prefer working alone, I can already hear you groan – but hear me out. This doesn’t mean tossing away your own opinions and desires, but it does mean that you may have to temper your ideas of independence with faith and trust that true collaborative effort can sometimes be superior to solo effort. After all, when was it that you decided that ‘if you want to have it done right, do it yourself’? What sparked that belief in you? Perhaps it’s time for a revision. Others may have the skills, expertise and knowledge that you need in order to advance or move ahead quicker on a plan. By opening up to what they have to offer, you will be able to save time and energy for what YOU know best and are most confident about. No one will doubt your abilities or think that you’re not up to scratch just because you need someone else’s help or are willing to consider alternate viewpoints. They will in fact see your ability to collaborate as a strength; your willingness to open up to others and give of yourself to a team effort as big pluses.

When things slow down or when bumps in the road come up, however, it may also be a time where you’ll find that going deeper within to contemplate the next moves, and consulting your emotions and intuition might be beneficial to you. Being analytical and intellectual are what feels natural to you, so this may be quite a novel step. But this year, it will be wise to tap into what your inner self is telling you in order to get a clearer sense of where you’re heading.

If you are in a relationship right now, it can be a time of celebration and a feeling of pride that you’ve overcome any challenges that 2015 might have presented the both of you with. There is a somewhat more stable energy to the year, where you can enjoy the feeling of being in a loving and committed relationship. What a treat! Of course, this is down to the both of you to keep fostering the bonds and making sure it stays strong and stable. A key to keeping the relationship strong is when both parties are committed to their own soul growth. If you are both committed to your own paths, what you are here to do, and if the both of you are standing strong in your own selves – and not expecting the other to define you – that’s the surest way that the both of you can grow in tandem. Any time any issues crop up, check in with yourself first before being quick to look to your partner – are you taking responsibility for the issues in your own life? What can you do to improve the situation? Having calm, mature conversations to address any issues will be key to maintaining the strength of your relationship.

If you are not in a relationship right now, whether you are looking or not, shoring up your own self-esteem and building on yourself is probably what is occupying you right now. You want to look your best, and more importantly, feel your best, all for your own sake. You’re ready to embrace any aspect of yourself you may have deemed to be ‘wrong’ in any way – you’ve had enough of hiding yourself. And we are all cheering you on! We attract the people who reflect us, and the person you attract when you are feeling your best will be a better fit for you. When you’re the dazzling and luminous personality that you are, there is no fear that there will be a shortage of admirers for you, my love. If you’re not feeling that way yet, there is nothing to be worried about. Take the time to be in touch with yourself, your emotions, and where your heart is at. Spend time cultivating the things that you love, that light you up, that really excite you and make you happy – and you’ll be there before you even realize it.

“My inner voice is my ally and my guide.”

Your zodiac horoscope for life, love and career in 2016 PISCES

There will be a mixed energy to your year, dear Pisces. The truth is, you’re now stepping onto another level, shedding your skin and coming more fully into your own. I bet you feel bolder, more empowered, and more YOU than when 2015 rolled around. 2015 was a year of self-discovery of sorts where you reconnected with elements of yourself that you may have neglected – whether that came in the form of your creative abilities, your connection with childhood friends, or a sense of wonder and imagination in your life. This prompted you to make some changes, open yourself up more, and maybe even healed some wounds that had been laying dormant. It was a watershed year for you. Take some time to congratulate yourself, and to look back at how far you’ve come!

Many things will be falling into place, or coming to an end completely this year, while some other new and wonderful things are starting up. It can feel a bit like a stop and start kind of energy, if you’re not aware of what’s going on. On one hand, you’ve grown and changed so much, you’re out and about and doing all these things that bring you joy and fulfillment, and that’s wonderful! There will be so much more of that in 2016. On the other hand, there will be events this year that will challenge you to use your intuition, patience, and sense of timing. So while things will be happening quickly for you, and you will have a lot of drive and energy to make things happen, there will also be times when things are seemingly out of your hands, and you will have to wait and trust that things are working out in your best interest.

This might sound like a lot, and it is! But it’s nothing that you can’t handle. The truth is, this year will be challenging you to tap more fully into your intuition, something that you are born with – you are the most intuitive of all the signs, my love. But in our day to day, we often forget that it’s an ability and asset that we can turn to, which can show us much valuable information and guide us on to the right path. This is the year you will learn to trust it.

What do you know about the art of surrender, my love? Do you associate it with giving in or failing? The truth is, there are times when our own efforts hinder us more than they can help us. This year, you will have to identify the times when it’s better to let something go so that it can resolve itself, or to admit that you don’t have all the answers at the moment, so that you can allow yourself to receive the help you need. Surrender is NOT a failing on your part. This is something you have to remember. You also have to be aware of the fact that there are larger forces at play; I’m not even talking about spiritual forces – it’s about market forces, economic forces, political interests – things that are taking place behind the scenes that have an impact on your day to day work life, that you aren’t necessarily aware of. So when things are stalling, or a cherished project isn’t moving in the way that you envision it to, it’s important to adopt a larger perspective. So Pisces, can you allow yourself to step back a moment and to breathe? Can you leave it alone for a while and come back to it later? Paradoxically, in these moments when you are able to let go, you may find things working out for you in ways that are better than you ever imagined.

If you are in a relationship, this year will be the year you will learn to approach it with fresh eyes and a light heart. It’s important to let go of old baggage, drama or issues that really don’t serve the either of you any longer. Because this a brand new phase of your romantic life! You don’t want to bring anything old, rusty and just plain unnecessary into it. You will both be embarking on a journey of sorts – whether it’s about starting on a brand new relationship, having a baby, moving away together or buying a new house – this is a phase that represents uncharted territory, and wide open seas. What would serve you best on this journey? Faith, above all. Faith in your relationship and love for each other. Trusting in the flow and where it’s bringing you. A sense of adventure – openness to all that life brings the both of you, and being curious and enthusiastic about the experiences that are inviting you in.

If you are not currently in a relationship at the moment, this will be the year where you’ll open yourself up to taking chances, being spontaneous and truly following your heart. In the past, your head may have ruled you – when it came to what would make for the ‘ideal’ partner in your life. It may even have amounted to a mental checklist of sorts. Chances are, in the process of getting what you wanted, you found that to be kind of boring and even stifling, and possibly wondered, is that all there is to romance? The answer is, no! Even though compatibility is important. But so is an ability to open up to surprises, and allowing yourself the joy of getting to know someone who is unexpectedly different from you, yet who is also disarmingly charming and attractive to you, somehow. Yup, this year will bring in opportunities for love that will have you wondering ‘Am I crazy?’, yet it feels so right, feels so good, and leave you feeling more in love with life than ever. I say follow your heart, dear Pisces, and see where it leads you.

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