Two out of five workers in Singapore say they’ve been asked to do tasks outside their job scope, according to a recent Jobscentral survey of 3,500 employees.

HW MAG March 2014 issue Your boss made you do what DECOR

“One employee had to book a hotel room under his name, using his credit card, for his boss… and lie about it to the latter’s wife,” says Michelle Lim, chief operating officer of Jobscentral Group. Naughty! Here are other bizarre requests that were reported…

  • Waiting in the boss’s illegally parked car to look out for the summons officer.
  • Helping the boss search for a dog that didn’t bark – yeah, beats us too.
  • Changing her pink-coloured stationery for blue ones because her boss didn’t like pink.
  • Being asked to deliver a TV to the boss’s home and to set up a Playstation too.

An out-of-work request is fair if it can be completed with little effort, but not if you have to spend time after office hours or on weekends to do it. If polite hints don’t work, tell your boss gently but firmly that you aren’t comfortable running her errands. You might also want to inform your human resources department.

This story was first published in Her World magazine March 2014 issue.