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The crowd has declared war on shoe tying as the Zubits magnetic closure system for laced shoes continues its Kickstarter sensation, crossing the $150,000 mark after having sprinted past its goal of $29,000 long ago.

With the campaign’s end date of November 5 seeming far away, the number of backers is likely to shoot up from the more than 3,000 who have already pledged to put an end to the simple task that takes time in the big picture.

The small, innovative gadget allows you to step into your shoes as you would slippers, and a simple flick of the wrist attaches the two magnet sides together.

Zubits allow for hands-free shoe removal while affording all the stepping, twisting, turning and jumping you could possibly muster up during a workout.

It’s possible to pre-order Zubits for $20 plus $9 shipping and handling for orders outside the US. Delivery is estimated for January 2015.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/873858308/your-shoes-just-got-insanely-easy-zubits-make-them and http://zubits.com/