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Dating apps like Tinder have made meeting people so much easier. But with the ease of meeting someone new, the potential for something to go wrong seriously also increases. While the six people here did not encounter a scenario drastic enough to make the front page news (think of all the people in other countries who met stalkers or even killers… yikes!), their stories will make you rethink the next time you swipe right. 

1. When he was a cheapskate

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Sandy (not her real name) said she hit it off with a guy on the app, but things went south after they met for a date. “He was late for half an hour, and long story short, he ended up ordering a tower of beer — which is crazy for two people on a weekday night. When it came to settling the bill, the bar staff charged it all on my card because I had it on tab… and he didn’t offer to pay. The bill came up to more than $200.

“He still had the gall to try to get me to go back to his place after. He later offered to pay his share of the bill when I asked the next morning, but the process of getting the money back took more than a month. Apparently, he had issues with his bank account and what not, so we had to meet up again for him to pass me back in cash. Needless to say, we never had a second date.”

2. When she was too drunk to… stand

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Julie said this happened to a friend, but she saw it all go down. “I met my friend at a bar, where he was having drinks with a Tinder date. I get there with another guy friend. The girl is drunk as hell. She was falling everywhere. She kept apologising to me. She kept flirting with my other friend in front of her date. She eventually fell over and took her date down with her. She was dead weight! She threw up. Then she fell again, off her chair — onto her face and into her own puke. She couldn’t unlock her phone.

“My friend’s private hire car showed up and refused to let her in. My friend somehow saw her home like a gentleman. But he said that his shirt and shoes had to be incinerated. He texted me the next day. “Worst date ever,” he said. “I’m right now deleting Tinder. Let’s never speak of this again.”

3. When he was not what he seemed

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Shirley was super hopeful when she swiped right on a guy from Tinder. “He seemed like my type, worked for Google then burnt out and became a digital nomad. He had a hippy style, curly hair and loves surfing. Best part he was literally 1km distance away from me so I was super excited to meet. He also swiped right, so we started chatting. He invited me to a beach park for a sunset picnic — how romantic right? So I went, and discovered he has been living in a tent for one month on the beach. The beach picnic was pretty much how he ate all the time.

“We had interesting conversations about his journey, but of course when he offered to get hot and heavy in his tent, I said KTHXBYE. Squeezing into a tent? It’s a no for me.”

4. When he was just bad news

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“I met this guy at a bar. It was a disaster from the beginning,” said Sarah. “He was very rude and demanding to the server at our table, which was immediately a red flag. And boy was he handsy. When I asked him about the martial arts photo I saw on his profile, he proceeded to show me how he would block my attacker … by demonstrating it on me. Then as the date progressed, he put his hand on my knee. And his arm around my shoulders. I kept trying to gently pull away, but he didn’t seem to get the hint. Eventually, I just said I was tired (thankfully it was a work day) and wanted to leave. That’s when he offered that I come to his house — which was just across the road. Obviously he always had the intention of inviting me back after the date.

“Bonus? I was chatting with a friend about said bad date and it turns out, she went out with him once before! And he made the exact same moves on us — at the same bar!”

5. When he was more into social media

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Lindy met her date at a pub, and that’s when things went haywire. “There was a live band playing so we couldn’t talk much. What’s worse, he started a Facebook Live video to film the band playing (apparently they were playing his favourite Metallica songs) which I thought was pretty rude. He also checked in at the location, and when his friends came to the same place, he just left me behind to say hi to them. I was so tempted to just pay and leave! Needless to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience and I didn’t reply his messages after that.”

6. When he was not an animal lover

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“We were out on a date and I told him about my new rescue dog, which I had only just adopted at the time,” said Delilah. “I told him all about her, such as how she had been abused and was still very skittish. I also told him that she sleeps with me in the same room, sometimes on the same bed, and it provides us both comfort. His response? That he cannot date a girl who does that, and that I should kick the dog out of the room. His defence is that it was unhygienic. I thought it was a really cocky thing to say on a first date and I was so annoyed. That was a deal-breaker for me. Never spoke to him again.”