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World-renowned paintings on display at the National Museum

Want to see a Van Gogh original, up close in Singapore? The Birth of Venus (1863), the Alexandre Cabanel painting that Napoleon III purchased? Or Spring (1868-1873), the dewy freshness of the season captured in Jean-François Millet’s landscape painting?

If you’ve yet to visit the recently renovated Musée d’Orsay, you don’t have to travel to Paris to see these famed paintings. Over 140 selected paintings, photographs and drawings from the French museum are currently exhibited at the National Museum.

Dreams & Reality at National Museum: Spring by Millet
Dreams & Reality at National Museum: Birth of Venus
Dreams & Reality at National Museum: Starry Night
Exhibited at the National Museum: Spring (1868-1873) by Jean-François Millet; The Birth of Venus (1863) by Alexandre Cabanel and Starry Night Over the Rhone (1888-1889) by Vincent van Gogh

At Dreams & Reality, selected artworks from 1848-1912 will be showcased; a spectrum of masterpieces ranging from the earlier realist paintings of the period to Post-Impressionist art by artists of the ilk of Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet.

These paintings make their first-ever and only Southeast Asian stop, after a three-month exhibition at the Seoul Arts Centre in Korea.

Highlights include Dancers Climbing a Staircase (1886-1990) by Edgar Degas and Van Gogh’s Starry Night Over the Rhone (1888-1889), a precursor to the famed Starry Night (1889).

While many have seen these paintings online or in a book catalogue, there’s nothing quite like seeing these famed oil canvases up close. Some of these paintings span over a metre wide, their grandeur ever more apparent in-person.

See the vibrant, luminous colours and brushstrokes on these paintings; digital images often fail to do justice to these works and it’s an extensive collection that will impress.

Dreams & Reality: Masterpieces of Painting, Drawing & Photography from the Musée d’Orsay runs from now to February 5, 2012 at the National Museum of Singapore, from 10am to 6pm daily. Tickets at priced at $11 each; visit for more information on the exhibition and related activities and ticket discounts.