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If you want abs like Nicole Scherzinger or pins like model Suki Waterhouse, look no further than the Viking Method. Devised by Svava Sigbertsdottir, the intense training programme see fitness fans follow a workout based on the lifestyle of Icelandic people. With promises to train like professionals, eat like nutritionists and sleep like babies it’s no wonder stars are drawn to the plan.

“The workouts are challenging but fun. One minute you’ll feel like you’re playing outside with friends and the next, boom, you’ve smashed a fat-blasting workout,” Svava smiled to Health and Fitness magazine.

The Icelandic fitness queen advises doing her routine in conjunction with your normal work-outs (yes double up that fitness!), adding some Viking-ness two to three times a week. This will ensure your fat burners are fired up, giving you a Scherzy style bod in no time. Check out the best moves below.


Wide Squat Kicks

Start in a wide squat, shoulders down, back straight and knees over toes. Engage your glutes. Get low in the squat, then stand and kick your right leg out to the side. Land in a deep squat and repeat ten times for each leg.


Start in a plank, without arching your lower back, lower as you bring your right foot and left hand forward in a crawling action. Don’t allow your bottom to rise up. Repeat with your left foot and right hand and continue alternating until you have moved six meters. Then turn around and go back. Do this twice. This is the first duo. Repeat the two moves back-to-back four times with a 20 second rest between sets.


Karate Kid Kicks

Start with your left leg behind you, then bring your left knee up in an explosive action. Quickly switch legs (left leg down; right leg up) and kick as high as you can with your right leg. Your left knee should still be in the air as your right leg leaves the floor. Do ten kicks on each leg.

Arm Walks

Start in a plank position with your feet on towels and core engaged. Using just your upper body strength, drag your body forward, being careful not to let your belly sag or back arch. Complete six drags before walking your hands – still in the plank position – back to the start. Do this twice.

Again do four sets of this duo, with 20 seconds rest between each set.

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