Fit to Win started as the university final year project of four girls but in 2014, Singapore’s first social weight loss challenge will focus on egging Singaporeans on to working out and shedding pounds with one simple incentive – cash!

If you want to play, it’s very easy. Each participant of Fit to Win contributes $20 into a money pot – the more people who join, the better – everyone who loses five percent or more of their starting weight over eight weeks will get to split the pot equally. Plus, the three who lose the highest percentage of their starting weight will also win prizes worth up to $3,000.

The challenge is loosely based on another online social dieting game in New York called Dietbet. Thousands of people successfully lost weight while participating in Dietbet. The secret to its success? Social accountability, support and healthy dose of peer pressure. Fit to Win goes one step further to helping the weight loss cause by offering a free eight-week fitness programme to all who participate. Each Fit to Win player can join Zumba, Bokwa, boxing, yoga and more classes conducted by the challenge’s partners.

Every player has to attend a weigh-in session from January 12 to 19, 2014, to register their starting weight. The final weigh-in will take place eight weeks later at Fort Canning Green where the top three winners will also be announced.

If your 2014 resolution is to get healthy, ease into a fitness regime by taking part in Fit to Win. Although a competitive spirit will help, you will also find like-minded individuals for extra support and encouragement.

To register, go to For more information, follow Fit to Win on Facebook at, Twitter @FTW_sg and on Instagram @FTWsg