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“I once took a two-month trip to Europe with my BFF – big mistake. She had something against taking wefies because she found it ‘uncool’. What’s worse: She wasn’t willing to help me take photos, complaining that it was very ‘troublesome’. There weren’t selfie sticks back then, so I had to settle for blurry and badly composed selfies of myself with only part of the landmark in the background. It was the last time we travelled together.” – Karen*, 26, writer

“My girlfriend and I took a two-week holiday to South Korea. We were room-mates in university, so I figured travelling with her would be a piece of cake. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every morning, she would take two hours to select her OOTD and doll up, and 45 minutes to answer nature’s call – we left the hostel only at noon!” – Samantha*, 27, teacher

“I was on holiday with my best friend – whose princess-like behaviour I’m already familiar with – and our boyfriends. Throughout the trip, she complained about the places I picked to visit, claiming they were boring, but refused to come up with better alternatives. She ended up following us around, but sulked the whole time. It didn’t help that she caught a flu, which made her extra whiny. No more trips with her!” – Charlene*, 26, brand executive

“During a trip to Bangkok, my BFF morphed into this demanding, self-centred person who insisted that I cave in to all her demands. Once, after a three-hour shopping marathon (she did most of the buying), she had the cheek to ask me to carry all her bags because she was ‘simply too tired’! We ended up quarrelling on the streets. We’re still friends, but the topic of travelling together again has never been broached.” – Lauren*, 32, account manager

*Names have been changed. 

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine July 2015.

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