4 stylish heroines, countless men, to-die-for shoes, fabulous clothes, whirlpools of romance – what’s not to love about Sex and the City?

To be honest, I only started following the SATC phenomenon 3 years ago after a girlfriend screamed into my face – yes, screamed, and yes, my face – when I told her I hadn’t watched a single episode from the series. After 5 minutes of screaming, she retreated to her room, then sprinted back with a full set of SATC DVDs. “If you call yourself my friend, you will watch at least two episodes with me right now,” she demanded.

I guess I’m a true pal because not only did I watch 3 episodes back-to-back, I became hooked on the series and even went to buy my own full set.

I’ll admit, the first thing that drew me to the show is Carrie’s profession – She’s a writer. Sure, I’m not a sex columnist, and I certainly don’t earn a pinch of her salary. But hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

And then I fell in love with all 4 women’s personalities. While I initially aspired to be like free-spirited Carrie, I realised I also wanted to be as sexually confident as Samantha, as endearingly sweet as Charlotte, and as career-focused as Miranda.

To me, this is the true beauty of SATC. Take away all the superficiality, and what you have are vulnerable women who crave for a sense of security in family, career and love – just like you and me.  It makes their characters that much more relatable.