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“A 227g packet of organic, freeze-dried acai powder – I paid $70 for it! I use it to make vegan ice cream and acai smoothies.” – Bella Koh, 34, food stylist and founder of Flea & Trees Slowhouse

“I’ve spent $20 on a small jar of organic peanut butter and $30 on a bag of vanilla beans, but nothing beats the $150 I spent on 1kg of maqui (a South American berry) powder. I add it to smoothies, yogurt and homemade desserts as it has health benefits.” – Ruiyi Yap, 23, marketing manager

“A 150ml jar of black winter truffles I paid $178 for. It was used in a roast chicken dish I made for Thanksgiving.” – Jolene Koh, 27, executive financial planner

Why do these Singapore women spend up to $300 on groceries each month.jpg

“Acai powder, which is high in antioxidants – 227g set me back $58.” – Rae Yun, 32, founder and owner of children’s online store Oh Happy Fry

“I’ve bought $250 worth of A4 wagyu rib-eye, although I didn’t really feel the pinch. The biggest pinch for me was spending $40 on a 350ml bottle of organic maple syrup – I like to douse my pancakes with that stuff.” – Amanda Tan, 26, public relations consultant and co-owner of Zairyo

“Tahitian vanilla beans – they cost nearly US$117 (roughly S$158) for 220g, which is approximately 30 beans. I used them to make a pound cake and coconut bread.” – Charissa Guan, 26, account manager

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine July 2015.

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