Where does Gordon Ramsay go for meals in Singapore?

At 3.30am, acclaimed British chef Gordon Ramsay (above, extreme left) was dining on “bloody delicious” chilli crab in Singapore’s Newton Hawker Centre; the same place he ate during his first visit to the Lion City in 1998.

“We went to one of these hawker markets and sat until 4.30 in the morning,” says Ramsay. “It was then I started falling in love with this culture of good food.”

With 25 restaurants globally (and seven Michelin stars), Ramsay travels regularly, and is responsible for creating some of the world’s best dining experiences. But it’s the simple ones he savours most.

“Wherever we are, in terms of the country we are in, I want to taste what’s happening locally,” he says. “It’s not always street food, it could be the best Chinese, but I try not to reach too high, I like to keep it low-key.”

The British chef and international TV star has a secret source for finding the hottest food in each city: he asks the local taxi drivers where to eat.

“They have their finger on the pulse, but more importantly, it’s not $300-$400 per head food.” It seems this time spent outside of the kitchen only enhances Ramsay’s work in it. “Cooking is about experience, travel and culture,” he says.

At his media conference in Singapore last September, Ramsay discussed his new restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, which will serve a British-European menu, and is scheduled to open at Marina Bay Sands in 2015.

“It’s not about a 10-to-12-course, white truffle, $400 (degustation), it’s something unique and new to Marina Bay Sands,” says Ramsay. “I didn’t want complaints that you couldn’t get in – that you had to reserve for 2019 in order to get a table for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make it a bit more accessible,” he laughs.

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