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We’ve all met people who are hard to figure out. Whether it’s a work colleague who plays their cards close to their chest, a friend of a friend who doesn’t add much to the conversation or a date who doesn’t give much away – it can be frustrating. Of course there’s always the option of just not seeing the person again, but if you work with them or find yourself on a date with them, you’ll likely want to make some kind of effort. So what to do?

If reading their palm or asking their star sign isn’t quite you, perhaps you should stick to looking at what they eat. According to Dr Deanna Minich, watching the decisions people make about their food gives some great insights into their personality.

For example, Deanna tells Mind Body Green that those who tend to stick to a meat and two veg kind of dinner will usually be pretty normal. “For them to be satisfied, they need to be financially stable and secure with a job, home, and family,” she explained. Those who enjoy traditional meals without strong colours or unusual ingredients tend to be brilliant at practical advice and are dependable, although sometimes that could mean they stick to what they know and don’t try anything too adventurous.

Spy a plate piled high with bread and pasta? This is a sure-fire clue that the person packs a lot into their lives, which is why they need the energy bursts provided by carbs. “These folks are stressed and are attempting to balance their brain biochemistry by pumping up their feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin,” Deanna suggests. She claims those who stuff themselves with carbohydrates might actually be looking for something else – it’s not called ‘comfort food’ for nothing.

Most offices have the person who always brings in cakes and biscuits, or who has an apparent endless supply of sweets at their desk. These people are seemingly addicted to sugar, but that could mean things aren’t completely rosy in the rest of their life. If things aren’t that sweet personally, it stands that people will try to get a hit of it elsewhere – such as during their meals. Sometimes all it takes is a good laugh with friends for the craving to dissipate.

Equally common is the salt addict – the one who reaches for the shaker even before they’ve tried what is in front of them. Lifestyle medicine expert Deanna believes these people secretly what more from life, to shake things up a bit and move around more.

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