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It’s a been dreary hump day, so you’re beating the mid-afternoon slump with some Facebook time. Then you see a new friend request — from your boss. 

I know you are terribly inclined to reject it, but don’t! These days, declining or ignoring invitations from your co-workers, especially your boss isn’t an option anymore. You can only avoid it until the next weekly staff meeting before having to go through awkward encounter of, “Hey, did you see my friend request?” 

While Facebook provides varying degrees of privacy settings that help to keep the walls up, there are platforms like Instagram where you can only make it public or private.

Here are 5 types of posts you should never share on your social media platforms to avoid getting into complicated situations that might cost you your job. 

1. Trash talking posts 
Sure, we’d definitely encounter unpleasant situations (e.g. bad service at a restaurant or rude stranger on the train) from time to time but it’s not wise to take to social media to severely lambast the person/company who offended you. You will look petty and ungracious. 

2. Relationship dramas 
You might be nursing a heartbreak or having the time of your life speed dating. Either way, it’s best that you keep such posts to a minimum. Whining and weepy posts about your ex-boyfriend might give your boss the impression that you are weak and immature. If you’re raving on too much about the good time you’re having, he/she may feel that you are too distracted from work because of your colourful social life. 

3. Luxury splurges 
You just snagged a spanking new Prada bag at a 40% discount during your ‘late lunch’ and you are dying to let all your girlfriends know. But hold it there — your bosses and colleagues might also be aware of the sale too. Adding a #latergram hashtag does very little to clear the suspicion. Also, if you are constantly showcasing your luxury splurges in your #OOTDs, it might make it even more challenging to negotiate a pay rise during your appraisal. 

4. Too many #selfies 
Yes, I know we are living in the era of selfies. It is perfectly normal to want to share a picture of your great hair and perfect eyeliner, but you don’t want to come across as narcissistic and self-absorbed. And remember, don’t post any selfies you took at your office desk! 

5. “I am so sick” statuses
You should (by default) keep your social media post count to a minimum (best is if you don’t post anything at all) when you are on MC. It’s not wise to seek sympathy from your boss or colleagues with photos of your pale face and medication. Because if you were that sick, you probably wouldn’t have the energy to be on social media. 

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