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The Outstanding Woman

One will expect a relationship-slash-lifestyle editor from a fashion magazine to have no problem in dating; but that’s not the case for sultry South Korean actress Chun Woo Hee’s role in this web short film titled The Outstanding Woman. She struggles between deciding what matters more; pursuing a high-flying career or finding her Mr. Right. Which would you choose? Available on Netflix now.

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This one’s for all the animation and action movie fans. Based on the original Godzilla character, this first-ever film re-imagines the iconic character’s world in the future. The anime also features an all-star voice cast including Yuki Kaji, Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokazu Sugita and more (and if you know recognise these names, this show is definitely for you.) Available on Netflix soon (release date to be confirmed).


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Iron Fist

Fifteen years have passed since Danny Rand (Finn Jones) was reported missing after a plane crash. One day, he magically reappears in New York City and steps into his father’s company – except this time, Rand has somehow transformed into a martial arts expert with superhero abilities to summon the power of the Iron Fist. Available on Netflix now.


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Love: Season 2

In the second season of this romantic comedy series, Gus and Mickey will have to face down commitment in their romantic relationships. That means overcoming the strings that come attached with dating, all this while they try hard to stir their lives free of trouble and sticky situations. Available on Netflix now.

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The Sound of Your Heart

Starring Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo and actress Jung So Min, this South Korean sitcom features Lee as an aspiring cartoonist. Jung’s character gets close to Lee for an ulterior motive in the beginning – you’ll have to watch for yourself to find out just what she’s initially after – but she slowly falls for Lee’s charming character in the series. Available on Netflix now.

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