I was having lunch with my colleagues and while waiting for our food to arrive, one of them showed us an image of a dress, demanding for us to tell her what colours we saw on it.


colour of dress.jpg

I confidently told her that it was pale blue and gold. She looked at me in disbelief and told me that that dress is obviously blue and black.

I did a double take. I am sure as hell it’s blue and gold. We sought the opinions from the rest of our colleagues and it turns out to be a stalemate.

On twitter, Taylor Swift said she saw black and blue!

This bizarre situation has taken the internet by storm, apparently causing massive strife for families, friends and well, basically everyone else and even has it’s own hashtag … #dressgate!

It all started with a tumblr post by Swiked asking for verification on the colour of the dress she had posted. Like us, she and her friends cannot agree on the colour of the dress.

A lot of theories were conjured to explain this.

1. It’s a hoax.

Nah. Because it’s easy to find somebody you know, somebody you trust, somebody in your own family who will tell you otherwise.

2. The angle that you are looking from

Nope. You can flip it all around and I still insist that it I see pale blue and gold!

3. A new scientific phenomenon

Of course not? I don’t think mankind had to wait for millions of years for a picture of a dress to make them realise that they view colours so wildly differently?

4. The type of screens (phones/laptops/LCD etc)

Again, no. There are many instances where two people sitting side by side, looking at the same screen, see different colours.

What is going on?!

The original poster of the picture is Caitlin McNeill and her friend’s mother is the owner of the dress. Here’s a photo of the actual dress, without all that weird lighting.

Image: Swiked

McNeil has certified that the original dress is a blue and black dress from Roman Originals. And for that same dress, there is no variation that comes in white and gold.


Image: Roman Originals

Oh no, I think it’s time to reconsider everything that I have seen in my life.