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Photo: Netflix

There are many Chinese New Year traditions to stick by: no using of brooms during the celebration period (because if you do, you’re sweeping away all your good luck), do not carry any debts into the new year (also inauspicious) and remember to wear red undergarments. After all, it is believed that good things will happen to the wearer.

Now, you can add one more item to that checklist – the programme that you’ll be watching on your television, mobile phone or any other device. Apparently, leading Internet television network Netflix has released a whole list of TV shows to watch according to your zodiac sign.

Called the Netflix Fortune’s Zodiac Wheel, anybody can visit its website and key in the birth date to find out the TV station’s list of recommended series and movies. But that’s not all. The results will also reveal snippets of what’s installed for you in the year ahead. Some of you may be “unleashing your talents” while others are encouraged to “have faith in themselves”. Good advice, eh?

Can’t wait to find out what shows you and the rest of your family should be watching during Chinese New Year and see glimpses of what 2017’s going to be like for you? Visit now.

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