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New year, new you, or at least that’s the plan. We’re all guilty of making fitness resolutions which, by the end of January, feel like a distant memory.

Good intentions aside, sticking with a fitness goal can be simple: Find an exercise you enjoy, be consistent about it – a 20 minute walk done five times a week is 100 minutes more activity than you would otherwise do – make it social and fun, and if you can, commit to a progress goal by a specific time period (e.g. aim to do 100 squats daily by a certain month, sign up for a 5km run, or fit into a certain pair of jeans after 120 days).

To give you some #fitspo inspiration, here are some new classes to consider signing up for.


For a celeb-favourite workout: CruBox

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The highly-raved about CruBox Los Angeles — opened by Singaporean siblings Valerie Ding, Beatrice (Bebe) Ding, Calvin Ding — is here in Singapore. The trendy boxing studio has earned itself many celebrity fans, including the Kardashians, Nicole Sherzinger and Hailey Baldwin. Similar to its sister studio, indoor cycling studio CruCycle, you’d be able to box to the beat in a club-like atmosphere. The 50-minute-long high intensity classes are capped at 36 pax per session and combines boxing with HIIT to train power, endurance and agility. Themed sessions, like Hip Hop Wednesdays and ’90s Remixes, are also available. For those who favour a more personalised training, 2-on-1 and 1-on-1 classes are slated to roll out. Plus, you don’t have to get your own boxing gloves — there will be complimentary rental of gloves and towels.

Price: From $40 (for one session). To check for upcoming dates, click here. For studio rates, click here


For a stronger core and overall strength: Beginners’ Ballet

Photo: WeBarre

Aside from their thigh burning barre classes, WeBarre organises workshops like Beginners Ballet. For newbies to ballet (and barre), the 75 minute class (held over four consecutive weeks) dispenses the fundamentals of both disciplines to get you familiarised with the plie, passe and releve, movements which you’ll do plenty of in any barre class.

For the purist, the session’s focus on refining postures, alignments and movements while challenging the core (read: You’ll feel that barre burn a lot) will elevate your existing barre skills. So what’s the difference to joining a weekly class? At the end of the four weeks, you’ll be part of a mini showcase featuring the choreographed moves learnt, performed to the soundtrack of The Nutcracker, no less. How’s that for motivation?

Price: $138 (for all four sessions). Jan 12, 19, 26 and Feb 2, 10am or 11.45am. To book, call the studios or email


For a stronger mind body connect: Ascend ™

Photo: Ascend Yoga Therapy

For the uninitiated, think of Ascend ™, the signature class at Ascend Yoga Therapy, as a ‘workout’ for your mind, body and soul. It’s a two hour therapeutic practice of yin yoga, gong meditation (they’re currently the only place in Singapore to offer this) and chakra healing set to a live soundscape created by loops, crystal bowls, RAV vast, and the deep reverberations of the gong.

Working off the seven chakras, each one (from root to crown) is “opened” through various sequences: The opening of the hips and sacral chakra to help with the flow of emotions, core work to strengthen the solar plexus chakra and one’s determination, before ending in an extended savasana/meditation session to soak up the healing vibrations of the gong.

Price: $52.30


For a bootylicious booty: Booty Bootcamp

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The Kardashians will have you believe their mama gifted their booty – but you know better, just look at Kris. Regardless, strong glutes and a muscular posterior chain (e.g. that all important lower body) is key to an overall strong physique and the best defence against crippling back pain.

Just give personal-training studio Level 30 minutes of your time (honestly you won’t be able to handle more) and they’ll put you through an intense class of specific exercises – think squats, deadlifts, hip thrusters, glute bridges – that’ll really work the gluteus maximus, otherwise known as the largest muscle of your body.

Available on ClassPass starting from Jan 7 at LEVEL (Telok Ayer) (7 credits). For studio rates, visit here. 


For a fun cardio sesh: Jumping Fitness

Photo: Prestique

No one really loves doing cardio, they just love the result it promises. Regardless of your fitness resolutions, incorporating cardiovascular exercise is quite likely. For 2019, ditch the treadmill (your knees will thank you) and sign up for something more fun at Prestique.

Specialising in Jumping ® Fitness, the dynamic cardio session – think of this as a more active ‘dance’ class – uses trampolines and low impact rebounding exercises to work up a sweat – 10 minutes jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes of running – to build stamina, core strength and instigate your body to burn fat. Plus, the rush of endorphins comes as a bonus.

Available on ClassPass (5 credits), visit here for more information. For studio rates, visit here.


For a deeper yoga practice: Backbends in Forward Bends Workshop

Photo: Como Shambhala

Bending forwards is the simplest of movements, but thanks to a sedentary lifestyle, tight hip flexors and hamstrings, they hamper this basic movement and make it impossible for many. This particular weekend workshop with master yoga teacher Ramanand Patel focuses on the intricacies of the forward bend by progressively paying attention to the backbend – or in Iyengar yoga terms ‘double action’ – creating length and space in the spine, while offering the opportunity for deep introspection.

If you’ve always wanted to refine this soothing and calming posture, this is the workshop for you.

Price: From $150. Jan 25 to 27. For more information, visit here. To book, call 6304 3552 or email


For a defined six pack: CXWORK

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If there’s a universal fitness goal, it’s for a sculpted six pack. While abs are made in the kitchen as much as they are in the gym, choosing a targeted workout like Pure’s new Les Mills CXWORK class can make all the difference. A tough 30 minute workout, the session uses resistance tubes, weight plates, hovers and your own body weight to cycle through various functional movements (hip, butt, lower back) to strengthen and stabilize the lower body for stronger core conditioning.

While it’s billed as more of a strength class, you can expect to burn up to 230 calories for each session, making it a nice add-on pre/post your own workout.

Offered at Pure Fitness Ocean Financial Centre (walk in rate $50 +7% GST). Visit here for more information. For class schedules, visit here.