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In 2015, GuavaPass introduced a multi-activity membership to the fitness community here – linking users to a slew of options for a fixed price each month through the eponymous app. Great for both fitness buffs and newbies, members can try classes that cover high-intensity workouts like HIIT and barre as well as  mind-and-body offerings like yoga. Today, co-founders Jeffrey Liu and Rob Pachter work with over 1,000 studio partners in 10 different countries, with more than 150 of them accessible in Singapore.  


Fast forward to the present: the brick-and-mortar GuavaLabs venture in Shenton Way marks a shift from its online focus with four turnkey (ready for use) rooms, a juice bar, and a cosy retail space. Here’s what caught our attention:


1. You get to try more unique classes



GuavaLabs works with certified individual personal trainers instead of concentrating solely on studios. “Individual instructors – or studios without a physical space in the CBD – can rent a room by the hour to host and manage their classes or PT (part-time) in a fully functional studio equipped with equipment and facilities,” says Emma Harris, VP Product Marketing & Strategy at GuavaPass. This grants trainers greater flexibility, while at the same time expanding GuavaPass’s offerings.


And if you’re not sure what you’re into (Hasiko Flow anyone?), GuavaLabs lets you sign up for classes without a membership.


2. Cardio workouts aren’t a bummer



STILL, the HIIT aqua-boxing concept, affords an unorthodox experience. A dimly-lit glass studio illuminated by flashing neon lights reminiscent of fancy indoor cycling establishments with high-tempo soundtracks. We attended a class taught by former SEA Games Team Singapore representative Leona Hui. As someone who loathes running and can’t keep her eyes off the clock, I found this cardio, strength, and toning mashup considerably – dare I say it – fun. Interesting fact: the water droplet-shaped punching bags are filled with water, weighing almost twice the average Singaporean woman’s body weight, so that it simulates more of a human contact punch and is safer for the body.


If you fancy a taste of it, get your gloves on. The limited intro special is currently going for $25 per class:


3. It’s full of #fitspo



From “shake your asana” to “chilling with my omies”, the quips add character to the clean minimalist aesthetic and resonates with the company’s “Keep Well. Eat Well. Look Well” mantra. Timely reminders. We might have entered the second half of 2017 but you can still make a last-ditch attempt to keep your new year’s resolutions.


4. It’s easy to get post-workout pick-me-ups



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Available for purchase at the lounge and reception, refuel with cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and bowls prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from regional farms. If you fancy something a little more substantial (or admittedly, sinful), check out The Providore’s European and Australian-originated cheese and deli platters or sugar-laden sweet treats on the same floor.


5. You only need to bring yourself and activewear



Almost everything else is included – towels, yoga mats, and eco-friendly Ashley & Co toiletries. But heads up, only shower facilities are available at GuavaLabs, so be prepared for a five-minute walk to the public loo if you need more than just a quick was-up.


GuavaLabs is located at 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown, Tower 2, B1-04, 05,06. Download the GuavaPass app (available on IOS and Google Play Store) or find out more at  If you’re thinking of booking a room for the first time, GuavaLabs is currently offering Her World readers one slot for free to any instructors and studios. Make a redemption by calling GuavaLabs at 6800 5355 and mentioning “Her World” by 15 September (*subject to availability).