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If you’re trying to amp up the possibility of getting pregnant, here are some things you can eat to help you make it happen. These foods are loaded with the nutrition and benefits you need to increase the possibility of a pregnancy and keep you healthy when you’re pregnant too. 



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Salmon, sardines & herring

These fatty fish contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that help to increase the blood flow that’s sent to your reproductive organs. This could help to regulate the production of hormones and lead to increased chances of pregnancy.


Blueberries & raspberries

These delicious fruits are packed to the brim with antioxidants, fibre and loads of skincare benefits. These antioxidants not only help to strengthen the bonds of your skin cells, they do so for your reproductive cells as well – ensuring that they’re strong and well-functioning.


Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates from grains, beans, vegetables and fruits are a lot more difficult to break down, compared to simple carbs, which means your body’s insulin levels are slowly increased and regulated. 

Unlike simple carbs that cause a spike in blood sugar levels, complex carbs prevent the increase in blood sugar levels that can interfere with and disrupt your reproductive hormones.


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Oysters & certain seafood

High in zinc and of course other nutrients, oysters are great for your reproductive health. We’re certain you’ve heard of how it serves as an aphrodisiac but it’s way mroe than just that. Oysters that are high in zinc can help to regulate your menstrual cycle and help you produce good quality eggs, in turn boosting fertility.


Lean animal proteins

Lean animal proteins are high in iron – a nutrient that can help to increase the chances of fertility and improve the quality of your blood too. However, don’t overdo it. Research has shown that eating too much protein can actually have an adverse effect and lower your fertility.


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This article first appeared in The Singapore Woman’s Weekly.