It’s been months since the mandatory mask-wearing rule for adults kicked in thanks to Covid-19. Safe to say, there’s currently no shortage of face masks in the market right now, except maybe one: the Under Armour Sportsmask. Since it was launched in SG on July 24, it has repeatedly sold out online and in stores.

What gives? The Sportsmask is not just designed for day-to-day use, but is also suitable for sports. Its claim to fame? Breathability.

“The Under Armour Sportsmask is structured to sit up and off your face, which makes breathing and talking easier. It doesn’t move in and out as you breathe as cloth masks can,” says Cara McDonough, vice president of accessories and licensing at Under Armour. “Also, moisture-wicking fabric moves sweat to an inner layer so that sweat doesn’t build up on the mask in front of the nose and mouth, which might limit breathability.”

Currently, mask-wearing is exempted for those engaging in strenuous activities such as running and HIIT workouts, but is required for less intense outdoor activities such as brisk walking, leisure cycling and yoga. Based on feedback from athletes and fitness enthusiasts so far, the UA Sportsmask has been a hit for various reasons.

denise keller ua sportsmask
Denise Keller won’t go for a walk or jog without the Sportsmask.
Credit: @denisekellerofficial

Celebrity yoga instructor Denise Keller, for instance, has been using the Under Armour Sportsmask for light walks, jogs and yoga in the park. “I love how the Sportsmask is structured in design. This is the first mask that moulds perfectly around my face. It’s very spacious and gives me enough room to breathe heavy and hard without struggle. It also doesn’t stick to my face after a sweaty session,” she says.

Also in favour of the mask is MMA athlete Tiffany Teo, who finds it ideal for yoga, weightlifting and other indoor workouts. “The fit of the mask is great. It was easy to breathe, and I didn’t have to make any adjustments to it while working out.”

amanda lim ua sportsmask
Swimmer Amanda Lim loves the super comfy fit and cool design of the Sportsmask.
Credit: Amanda Lim

For swimmer Amanda Lim, the mask is so comfortable that she wears it everywhere she goes. “Comparing the UA Sportsmask with other reusable masks I’ve tried, the breathability of the UA Sportsmask is optimal. It doesn’t stick to my mouth when I talk or do light exercises in it. And because of this, I don’t sound muffled and actually want to wear it everywhere I go! Versatility wise, it is awesome.”

Obviously, the Sportsmask is flying off shelves for aesthetic reasons too.

Amanda calls the design “super cool, looks like I’m part of a Star Wars movie!”, while Denise says “I get so many people asking me where I got my UA sportsmask from; it gives me an extra cool when I’m a sweaty mess out there”.

And here’s an update we’re looking forward to: Under Armour will be releasing new colourways: navy, grey, red and slate purple, giving us more options besides the black sportsmask.

ua sportsmask new colours
Pick from five versatile colours, or have them all to match your outfits.
Credit: Under Armour

For now, the only question is what size and colours to get.

Here’s a tip from Amanda: “It is very important to follow the sizing chart. My measurement on the chart is actually an M/L, but I got an S/M because I was worried that it would be too big. As a result, the mask tugs on my ear a little. Even so, the material for the ear loops is very thin and stretchy, and I still feel very comfortable in it.”

The new colourways for the UA Sportsmask ($35) will be available in Under Armour stores (Orchard Central, Bugis Junction, Paragon, Funan and VivoCity) and online (, from October 16, 2020.

Visit or Under Armour SEA Facebook page or Instagram page for updates.

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