So you’re saying that running isn’t for you? We hear you loud and clear. In its place, we’d just like to present some calorie-burning choices that don’t suck.


1. BBounce Studio



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Over a year ago, former national swimmers Joel Tan and Leslie Kwok pooled together their savings to set up BBounce Studio. The pair introduced classes that are rooted in hybrid rebounding, a fitness concept specially designed to achieve the best body shape and feel the improvement of one’s lymphatic system using rebounders (they look like mini trampolines). “It is a combination of systemic cardio, aerobic and anaerobic, strength training and muscle sculpting to achieve the body you have always wanted,” says Joel. We’ll admit, what really caught our attention is how this training is touted to be twice as effective as running. And brownie points for how it emphasises on low-impact exercises, which benefits your joints. Keep your peepers peeled, a third space is in the pipeline for next year. Find out more at  


2. Haus Athletics



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Located at CBD’s Downtown Gallery, Haus Athletics is the new kid on the block. All their classes are 45-minute high-intensity athletic based conditioning workouts. HIIT seems to be the buzzword these days but what does it even mean to this studio? “Workouts are based on the seven primal movements of a normal human being – squat, push, pull, lunge, bend, rotate, doing a lot of cardio,” explains co-founder Reagan Kang who has been in the industry for over a decade and was previously training instructors globally under Les Mills. The two types of classes you can choose from are cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. Good news if you’re easily bored because the classes don’t repeat themselves in entirety.

The body is smarter than we think and it starts to adapt, going into a space where results don’t come as quickly as we want them to once it familiarises itself with the routine. This is where HIIT sessions come in to shock the the body and help it attain an elevated fitness level. “Rather than adding hours to training, we should be adding more intense workouts over a shorter period of time so that the body can perform better,” he says. Better yet if you’re looking to torch calories is HIIT’s afterburn effect – when your body continues to burn calories following an intense activity. Find out more at


3. FaMA



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Roll on mats and take a stab at sparring. In the 12-week or so jiu-jitsu programme, participants learn not only attacks, but also defence and transition moves, which give a well-rounded grasp of the whole technique, says Stephen Procida, assistant Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor at FaMA. When asked how it compares to running? He had this to say: “Come give it a shot, and if you tell me you aren’t tired after, I’ll give you a free membership! Not only are you working every muscle in your body, you’re working your mind as well, thinking ahead and remaining calm while figuring out how you are going to turn a bad situation into something advantageous.” Up for a challenge and raring to go? Snag a complimentary one week trial. In Stephen’s words, “who knows, it might just be the thing that would change your life.” Find out more at



4. Kulture Studios



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Keen to explore something low-impact that is three times more effective than running? Give Bouncefit a go. “This is a high cardio class that involves rebounding on the trampoline. If you only have one hour to spare for fitness each week, it helps to multiply your workout as it burns much more within an hour. Your glutes, core and arms will be engaged throughout the workout and as we introduce Thera-band exercises (for resistance) during the last 10 minutes of a session, it’s truly a 360 workout,” shares Mathilda Lau, co-founder of Kulture Studios. A one-stop shop for music, dance, and fitness, it’s hardly a surprise that you get to bounce to the beat of your favourite pop hits while at it.


5. Freedom Yoga



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Founded by Elvina Cheong, who first fell in love with the practice after a debilitating shoulder injury and surgery led her to pick up yoga as a form of rehabilitation in 2015, Freedom Yoga recently opened its second studio. This time in crowd favourite Holland Village. The premise is still every ounce inviting and supportive. Take it from this writer who isn’t the least bit flexible by nature – Elvina means it when she says she wants people to see Freedom Yoga as a safe space that doesn’t discriminate, and where they can be comfortable in their own skin. Class types range across 11 different types, hot and non-hot, for the newbies and experienced. We kicked off our shoes and tried flo-ga, getting in touch with our breaths as we learned a choreographed yoga flow (think: dance meets asanas) to the mellow tunes of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You and Jessie J’s Flashlight (yup, that Pitch Perfect 2 song). Find out more at  



6. Fitness First 



Household name Fitness First opened its Bugis Junction outlet early this year, featuring workouts that activate more muscles and make the heart work harder for a rigorous cardio session. BURN (also available at the Metropolis branch) for starters is a 35-minute class conducted on the SkiErg and AirBike. It’s designed to generate multiple bursts of high-intense activity with a focus on burning calories and increasing metabolism. If you’re a stickler for the treadmill but would like to switch things up, try PEAK (also available at the Capital Tower branch). The treadmill-based class plays with various inclines to engage the lower body and core, activating more muscles and burns three times more calories than by walking. Find out more at