There are two types of women: those who suffer from menstrual cramps, and those who don’t. I’m the type that not only suffers from them, but suffers from them real bad. Every time it’s shark week, I walk around all day with a box of Nurofen in hand.

So when I heard that womb care therapy can help with period pain, I was eager to give it a go. Besides, aside from relieving menstrual cramps, the treatment is also supposed to regulate the menstrual cycle, strengthen the immunity of the womb and improve fertility. Not that I’m looking to have babies now — but surely it’s a good thing to enjoy healthier reproductive function.

It was at FIL that I decided to do the treatment, and I’m ashamed to say this but prior to the session, I’d never thought about showing my womb some TLC (does anyone?). I also wasn’t sure what to expect and assumed it would involve acupuncture. But at FIL, womb care therapy is administered in the form of a massage, so it’s perfect for those afraid of needles.

Here’s how my first time went.

Photo: Cleo Singapore

The treatment room was cosy, but the best part about it was that, unlike most others, it wasn’t freezing cold, so changing out of my clothes wasn’t a teeth-chattering event.

The room was actually more spacious than the average salon treatment room, and the on-site sink made washing up really convenient.

Photo: Cleo Singapore

My therapist began by having me lie on my stomach. She then placed a heat pad on my lower back to relax the organs in the area, including my womb and bladder. After a couple of minutes, she used an electric massager to circle around the same area. According to her, it would help boost blood circulation.

Photo: Cleo Singapore

She then got me to flip onto my back and began massaging my abdomen with her hands. If you’re the sort that likes your massage gentle, you’ll have to brace yourself for this one — quite a bit of force was used and soon there were red streaks all over. No pain, no gain, right?

At one point, she instructed me to lift my head and suck in my stomach so she could “catch” my womb. Doing so allowed her to move it higher, or at least adjust it to where it’s supposed to be. This happened three times.

According to her, our womb “falls” as we age (thank gravity), so it’s not a bad idea to put it back in place from time to time. She then used the electric massager again, but this time on my stomach.

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Photo: Cleo Singapore

A herbal ampoule was then applied on my navel. I was told that this treatment would not only help relieve cramps, but also make Aunt Flo visit earlier — many customers nearing their time of the month usually have their period the next day. My therapist also said that because the treatment helps flush out any blood clots in my womb, I should expect to see some during my next period.

The 45-minute treatment ended with a mask to seal in the ampule. It was left on for 10 minutes, which to me was just the right amount of time — especially if, like me, you get restless easily. I was then asked to refrain from showering for the next two hours or the treatment might not be as effective.

At the time of my massage, my period was due soon, so I wondered if it would come the next day. It came three days later, which was close enough.

But more importantly, did I still get cramps?


Yup, I did. And the pain wasn’t any lesser than usual. However, it has to be noted that that was my first session — and this is a treatment FIL recommends women undergo once a month.

Here’s the thing though: some blood clots actually got flushed out. It felt good knowing my body was clearing itself of waste, and I can only guess what more sessions will do for me.

If you ask me, I say womb care therapy is worth a shot whether or not you battle period pains. The health of our womb is as consequential as the health of any other organ, but we seldom think about caring for it. So why not make a conscious effort?

A first-time trial for FIL womb care therapy is available at $68. Every subsequent a la carte session is $250, but a subsequent packaged session is $150. For more information, visit their website here.


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