At dinner parties, office parties, or even just year-round, snacks are bound to cross your path. They’re often the biggest hurdles to overcome if you’re looking to lose weight, especially when you spend all day at your desk and get hungry every few hours. 

If you stop and think about the fact that a 330ml can of Coke has 140 calories, it might put into perspective just how unhealthy a few of these foods and drinks are. Of course you have to consider the sugar, sodium, fat and cholesterol content as well when choosing a food to snack on, but for the sake of the festive season, here are five snacks and drinks you might encounter that will not help with your weight loss journey.


Top unhealthy holiday food and drinks eggnog

Calories: 223 per cup
Albeit delicious, this creamy alcoholic delight is packed with eggs sugar and cream and just one cup of it contains about half of your recommended daily cholesterol intake (which is about 300mg). Stick with a glass of red wine that’s actually good for you, or something non-creamy or carbonated.


Top unhealthy holiday food and drinks cranberry sauce

Calories: 151 per 100g
While cranberries on their own might be a great idea, the reality of store bought or pre-made cranberry sauce is that it contains a lot of sugar and possibly preservatives. If you can’t have ham without it, go easy on the sauce or try making some yourself that’s less sweet. 


Top unhealthy holiday food and drinks cheese

Calories: 330 per 100g (based on an average of brie, camembert and blue cheese)
We know they make you feel just a tad fancier and are a quintessential adult party platter, but cheese platters can be the biggest calorie overloading culprits. While cheese does provide you with calcium, it doesn’t do you any favours in the calorie, fat, and sodium departments. Platters make it hard to control the amount you eat, especially when you’re snacking on cheese throughout the night.  


Top unhealthy holiday food and drinks salted nuts

Calories: 622 in 100g (based on salted peanuts)
While nuts are generally packed with protein, good fats and make a nutritious addition to your diet, eating them covered in sugar or salt can easily undo all the good you’re trying to do. The salt or sugar makes them harder to resist, and easy to snack on without realising just how many we’ve consumed. 


Top unhealthy holiday food and drinks dip

Calories: 500 per 100g (based on store-bought garlic aioli)
If you think sitting by the plate of veggies and dips will save you from the bad carbs and fatty foods around you, it’s always best to take a second look at the dip you’re sticking those carrot or celery sticks into. If it’s a creamy dip, chances are it’s got some sort of mayonnaise, cream or cheese in it that will make the calorie and fat content skyrocket.

One of the best dips you can eat is hummus, but consuming it in moderation is still important. If you don’t have a healthy option you can always limit yourself to one spoonful of dip, no matter how many sticks of vegetables you eat.