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Feeling insecure about your bad breath but don’t quite know how to fix it? These 10 lifestyle habits could be the reason why you stink…


Not flossing

Flossing is a pain and sometimes you may skip it when you’re tired. But often, when food gets stuck between your teeth, bacteria feeds on it, producing foul odours.


Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol can dehydrate and dry your mouth out, leading to more bacteria production.


Not drinking enough water

Drinking water encourages saliva production, which helps to slow down bacteria production in your mouth and improve the smell of your breath.



Using too much mouthwash

The alcohol in certain mouthwashes can kill the bacteria in your mouth, causing them to repopulate faster. So while they might work initially, in the long run, they might not help.


Eating too many mints

Although a quick solution, the sugar found in mints provides a food source for the bacteria inhabiting your mouth.



Taking certain medication

Some medicines can cause a dry mouth.


Skipping meals

When you do that, your body releases chemicals from your tummy that rise up and come out of your mouth as bad breath.




We all know the health-related side effects of smoking – bad breath is one of them.


Using an old toothbrush

Replace your toothbrushes frequently because they tend to be great breeding grounds for bacteria.


Breathing through your mouth

Breathing through your mouth can result in a dry mouth and bad breath so be sure to breathe through your nose.



Article first published on Singapore Women’s Weekly