Off the top of our heads, we can think of three reasons why life would be easier if we could pee standing up: 

• In portable loos: Two words – they’re gross.

• At campsites: When you don’t want to have to squat behind some bushes.

• When you have knee issues: You’ll never have to squat or hover. Ever again.


So when we saw that there was a handy device that allowed us to do all the above, we had to give it a go. It’s called the P-Mate, and is readily available online. Made of cardboard, it can be folded into a 3D shape that acts as a funnel so you can pee standing up with no leaks and no mess


How to stand up with the boys

Anti-clockwise from top left


1. Fold the P-Mate along the indented lines to create a funnel.

2. Shift underwear to one side.

3. Align the P-Mate so that the larger opening fits snugly against you. The smaller opening at the other end should point straight down towards the toilet. To aim better, straighten legs, tilt torso forward, and push hips back.

4. The P-Mate is made of sturdy cardboard thick enough to prevent leaks. Like anything that’s not toilet paper, it has to be binned – not flushed.


For first timers, here are some handy tips

You will have one less hand free when you use P-mate. So make things easier for yourself by applying common sense:

1. Have toilet paper ready in your other hand before you pee. Then you don’t have to struggle with it after. 

2. Skirts or dresses work better than pants, as you’ll have one less thing to straddle.


The P-Mate retails at US$6.99 (S$9.52) for a pack of five, and is available at Amazon.

This story was first published in the October 2017 issue of Her World magazine.