A gym is a gym is a gym, right? The most important thing is that it’s functional, gives you the space to exericse, and has reasonable shower facilities.

As someone who is a regular gym-goer, I have to concur. I’m not there to socialise or take #fitspo shots of myself for Instagram, after all. But as someone who is a regular gym-goer who has had to deal with disgusting toilets (oh, you think only men mess up a shower stall?), equipment that always seem slightly wonky and hordes of people queuing up to use said foul facilities, no, a good gym is not like any other gym. 

Case in point, Pure Fitness’ second outlet at the Ocean Financial Centre, opened just three days ago on Saturday. (Full disclosure: I’m a member at a competing gym chain that has a slightly less premium positioning)

Graffiti wall at Pure Fitness Ocean Financial Centre

Ok, first things first: a graffiti wall done up by Spanish artist Victoriano (whose past clients include DKNY, Louis Vuitton and Facebook) leading the way to the changing rooms? Already, I feel like I’m being treated like royalty. You guys actually care enough to make that long (usually dreaded) trudge to the changing room pretty! I am not worthy! Immediately I’m all pumped up and feeling like I’m ready to do 20 burpees (I’m lying. No one’s ever ready to do burpees).

shower room pure fitness ocean financial centre

But no, wait. Look at this shower room. I wish my picture did it justice, because the room is about three times bigger and resembles a spa. And more importantly, it’s spotless. 

But what immediately wins me over is the long row of mirrors, each with its own hairdryer. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is when you’re running late for work, and then you have 15 other girls trying to fight for four hairdryers?! I don’t think the gym I’m currently signed onto have any idea either.

Only downside: I’m slightly reluctant to leave the changing room because it’s just so gosh darn relaxing. 

cardio deck at pure fitness Ocean Financial Centre

Onto the serious stuff. Pure Fitness’ sprawling 20,500 square feet space caters to just about any fitness goals or requirements you may have. The Cardio Deck is packed with Technogym and Life Fitness (two of the most reputable gym equipment brands) equipment, fully equipped with entertaiment consoles. The Woodway 4Front treadmill in particular, whose surface mimics the feel of running outdoors, is an impressive addition.

An athletic turf allows for speed, agility and strength training with ladders, cones, gymnastic-based rings and more. The turf also supposedly works the finer muscles due to the resistance, thus helping you burn more calories (yay!).

And because cooling down and active recovery is a just as important part of your workout regime, there’s an entire area dedicated to the purpose: foam rollers to stretch out those tight muscles, and a custom-made monkey bars frame for a less-intensive workout. 

astro turf pure fitness ocean financial centre, pure fitness ocean financial centre, pure fitness ofc

The thing about a gym as “serious” as Pure Fitness, is that it tends to attract a certain type of crowd. You know, the kind who look like they could be fitness “influencers”, probably work out five times a week and twice during lunch time, and think nothing about dropping $10 for a post-workout smoothie. Not the most welcoming environment for someone new to the idea of sweating profusely and looking decidedly unglamorous in front of other people. 

But Pure Fitness has a solution even for that. With its Fitness on Demand programme, members are given access to a variety of over 200 Group Fitness classes, including Les Mills programmes such as BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, P90x and Insanity. You can attend pre-scheduled virtual classes, or start a workout at any empty schedule times. Yes, you can start a class even when it’s just you. If you’re into that kind of thing, of course. 

fitness class at pure fitness ocean financial centre

Once you’re done with your workout (and rewarded with a long, relaxing shower in the awesome changing room), you’re tempted by the smoothies, juices and healthy snacks at in-house juice and snack bar nood food. Granted, things are not cheap (a superfood smoothie, though very delicious and filling, costs $12), but think about it: you’ve worked out hard, and you’ve been sufficiently pampered by the shower room facilities (am I still harping on them? Yes, I am). Damn it, you deserve that $12 smoothie just to prolong that post-workout glow. 

And so you sit in that comfortable, plush lounge area, sipping on the smoothie and feeling smug about life. Suddenly, you feel like you’re one of the fit, good-looking people. Yes, you can go for lunch-hour workouts and parade around in tiny gym shorts and be confident about it too. 20 burpees? No problem! 

Well played, Pure Fitness, well played. 

Pure Fitness is located at Level 4, Ocean Financial Centre. For more information, visit www.purefitness.com.sg.