We stay longer in the office than we’d like to, which is why our office is practically our second home. But did you know that it’s also one of the places we can get sick at easily?

Here are 10 seemingly harmless habits you’re probably doing in the office that needs to stop right now.

1. Washing your personal cup in the toilet

coffee cups

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The toilet is one of the places where germs can get transferred easily and washing your personal cups and utensils there means you’re making it easier for yourself to get sick easily.


2. Holding in your pee to meet a deadline

holding in pee

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Holding in your pee can cause urinary tract infections and make your body feel like it has to go more often, also known as overactive bladder.

3. Sitting at your desk all day

sitting for too long at your desk

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You might have deadlines to meet but have a sedentary lifestyle can definitely increase your risk of heart disease. 

Instead, try walking around the office if you’re taking a break or standing up once in a while to let your blood flow.

4. Cupping your face with your hands

cupping face

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Each time your hand touches a different part of the office, the more bacteria gets transferred over.

Touching your face often can lead to breakouts and spreads bacteria easily.

5. Eating at your desk

eating at desk

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Your brain, eyes and back need a break from your office computer and chair so it’s better to grab a quick lunch instead of eating it at your office desk. 

Plus, you’ll make less of a mess on your table.

6. Going to work while sick

sick at work

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You might see it as a badge of honour to head to work while nursing a cold but spare a thought for your colleagues and take a sick day.

 Not only will you not infect them with your virus, you’ll get well faster!

7. Leaving food open in the office fridge

food out in the open

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From airborne bacteria to cross contamination, leaving food open without a seal or in a container can be very harmful. Especially when you’re sharing the fridge with all your other colleagues.

8. Eating food left out too long

leaving food untouched

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Cooked food should be consumed within four hours of being cooked. So if you’re thinking of finishing that leftover pizza from lunch, perhaps it’s wise not to. 

Instead, keep leftover food in a safe container and put it in the office fridge to prevent bacteria from multiplying. 

9. Not turning your keyboard over


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Food particles like crumbs from that bag of chips you’ve been snacking on to dirt and dust can easily get trapped in the crevices between the keys of your keyboard

Do yourself a favour and turn the keyboard over to shake the dust and dirt out. Alternatively, get yourself a brush or a can of compressed air to clean your keyboard out.

10. Not cleaning your desk every fortnightly

clean desk

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Plenty of research has shown that the average office desk is a lot dirtier than a toilet bowl.

That’s because, a toilet bowl is more regularly clean. After all, it is where waste matters end up so a more conscious effort is made to clean it compared to an office desk.

Try to wipe down your keyboard, telephone and mouse at least once every two weeks with a hand sanitiser or wet wipes.

This article was originally published in CLEO.