Climbing the corporate ladder, spending time with your family all while still having time for your friends and yourself isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to juggle – so it’s no wonder why house chores is the last thing you want to do. After all, who has the time to entertain thoughts of cleaning up when you’d much rather run off to brunch, enjoy time with the hubby or even just switch off in front of a movie?

That being said, ignoring the cleaning until it piles up and becomes a monster is not the way to go either. A clean space, whether in the office and at home, always makes you feel like you’ve got your shizzle together. Here are some of our tried and tested tricks to achieving a cleaner and happier home – in less time.

1. Maintain a weekly structure for yourself

It might seem monotonous, but trust us when we say that sticking to a routine and planning around it makes all the difference to your schedule. So give yourself two or three evenings a week where you get home and clean before you do anything else. Once it’s done (quicker than you’ll expect too), you’ll feel even more accomplished and it also frees up your night to do whatever you’d like.

2. Till chores do us part – share the load with your loved ones

For many busy households, the division of chores is a hot-button issue that often breeds stress. Why not implement a “chore hour”, where everyone pitches in to clean a specific part of the house? You can work on a rota system so it changes weekly too. From flatmates and couples to family, everyone deserves both a clean home and time to chill in the evenings.

3. Work smarter, not harder

You’ve probably heard it all before; it’s not about how hard you work, it’s about how smart you work. Knowing how limited our time is, it’s important to concentrate our efforts on streamlining certain processes – and a great place to start would be by getting technology to work hard for you, so you don’t have to. Chores can be finished in half the time with the right tools and equipment, so consider investing in quality appliances.

A good vacuum cleaner, for example, would allow you to clean the whole house and get to hard-to-reach places all in one go, shaving off considerable time that you can then use for ‘me time’. The Bosch Unlimited’s infinite runtime presents you with just that, so your vacuum cleaner will never run out of power when you clean. It’s also cordless, which is a major plus point when you’re trying to clear the entire apartment as quick as possible, without disturbances of pesky cords or the need to hunt down electrical sockets to power up your vacuum. Take advantage of its trigger lock too to enjoy a more comfortable cleaning routine – just switch it on one time and vacuum, there’s no need to hold on to the trigger the whole time you clean. But the real clincher is that you can use the Bosch Unlimited to clean not just the floor but the curtains, sofa, ceilings and car interiors too. It will soon become your go-to gadget to keep the home as clean as possible with minimal effort. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Tidy as you go

Here’s to all the procrastinators – we totally get it. Why tidy up for 10 minutes now, when you can just leave it and do it during the weekend? Yes it’s tempting but all that happens is more and more piles up until the weekend hits, then it will feel like a real painful chore. Instead, tidy up as you go so your chores will never get a chance to overwhelm you later on. A few minutes is all it really takes to clean-as-you-go, then BAM, you’re done, clean home restored. The Bosch Unlimited can also help make this easier by detaching easily into a handheld spot cleaner for a quick on-the-spot clean.

5. Buy cleaning sprays and wipes

To make cleaning easy and fast, minus the elbow grease, buy sprays that can do most of the dirty work for you, especially those that dissolves tough stains and stubborn mould. Who wouldn’t want that? You can use these sprays for glass, windows, bathrooms, mirrors – there’s even spray on bleach now too. With these cleaning agents, you’ll sure to be on the fast track to more free time and a more productive life. Floor and antibacterial surface wipes are also a God-send: They’re easy to store and can be used to clean just about anything.

The Bosch Unlimited is available nationwide at the Bosch Experience Centre and all major electronic stores. Click here to #ExperienceBosch.