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Although 2017 still saw us hitting the gym, this year also saw a more holistic approach to well-being with a focus on what we need to do for all-around good health.

Here we round up some of the key trends that emerged this year which helped us have a healthier and happier 2017.


From veggie to vegan

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After 2016 saw more of us trying plant-based vegetarian diets, in part thanks to the UN marking it as the International Year of the Pulse, 2017 saw some people going one step further and even adopting a vegan diet.

As more research reveals that reducing the amount of meat in our diet can have a huge benefit for our health, and with the threat of climate change stronger than ever, many have shunned meat and animal-based products in an effort to make a positive change for ourselves and the environment.

Even countries such as France, known to be great lovers of meat, have been open to the change, with vegan pizza restaurants, juice bars, and cafes opening up around Paris, helping to bring the vegan trend from the USA to Europe.


Take more time for self-care

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After hygge became a huge trend in 2016, many of us continued to look for ways to take care of ourselves in 2017 as the trend for self-care continued.

Joining hygge this year was the Japanese tradition of ofuro. While many of us often just grab a quick shower to maintain personal hygiene, in Japan enjoying time in the ofuro (bathtub) is a cultural tradition and also one of life’s pleasures. Embracing the Japanese ritual, which involves washing before entering the bath and making it as deep and relaxing as possible, is emblematic of one of this year’s key trends as we’ve moved towards the colder end of the 2017.




Track health not just fitness

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After releasing a variety of products to record and monitor our physical fitness, tech companies started to take note of the trend for a holistic approach to wellness, introducing new wearables this year to take health to the next level.

Some key releases this year included a smart ring from Go2Sleep, to track sleep and even detect sleep disorders, a clip-on sensor from Spire to recognize stress and help users feel calmer, the Ava Bracelet for women to keep a check of their reproductive health, and Lys’s wearable, which tracks the light to help you reset your circadian rhythm and is set to ship before the end of the year. 


The importance of sleep

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We first started waking up to the importance of sleep last year, but 2017 saw even more importance given to getting some good quality slumber. 

This year saw a variety of new studies published as experts sought to understand better what is causing the current sleep deprivation crisis, neuroscientist Matthew Walker released his high profile book, “Why We Sleep” in an effort to convince us to get more of it, and brands started introducing new features to health trackers to help us improve both the quality and quantity of our shut-eye.  


Focus on mental health

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With the rates of depression and anxiety on the rise, our mental health and how we can improve it became a major topic of 2017.

Researchers have been busy looking at how we can stave off depression and anxiety with exercise, sleep, and a nutritious diet, while fitness experts have taken a more holistic approach to health, encouraging us to include a mindfulness aspect to workouts and practice self-care on rest days.

Many fitness trackers also added in features to practice, reduce stress, and improve relaxtion, all important factors for looking after our mental health.