Nestled in the lush Alexandra neighbourhood, lies a newly opened 5,500 square feet yoga studio named Jal Yoga. ‘Jal’ which is translated to water in Hindi, is founded by yoga instructor Pardeep Fogat, former marketing manager turned entrepreneur Jasmine Loh, and an unnamed investor, who is Jasmine’s best friend, and one of many Jal’s students. The studio opened in January 2018, and over 140 students have signed up for classes.

What is Infrared Therapy?

Interestingly, Jal Yoga aims to differentiate its business core from other studios out there by being the first pioneer studio to offer Infrared Therapy. How it works? Cutting-edge Far-Infrared-Technology (FIR) heat panels were sourced from the United States and Canada, and installed in one of their rooms for added benefits. The technology radiates therapeutic heat without heating up the air, unlike other hot yoga studios in Singapore.

Jal Yoga Singapore infrared light studio

In my one-hour Hatha Yoga class in the heated room with instructor Hazel, I sensed the heat that was directed to me, but did not feel uncomfortable. It was close to having light sun ray warmth on my skin, without that stuffy feeling. I did sweat after a few rounds of intense warrior poses, and I could go deeper in my practice, which makes my experience pleasant.

After the class, I asked founder Pardeep if the infrared light is safe for long-time use and he added, “Infrared LED light therapy is commonly used in beauty salons, for both cosmetic and wellness purposes, and it has therapeutic effects. Jasmine discovered this technology, and we researched with due diligence of its effects, compared it with conventional heaters, and decided infrared technology won by 100 points.”

According to Livestrong website: “A 2005 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy examined 31 subjects who received eight treatments of infrared LED light therapy. After the treatments were done, 52 per cent of the subjects had significant improvement of their facial appearance as measured by a technique called photoaging scoring. In addition, 82 percent of the patients reported that they had a marked reduction in facial wrinkles, especially around the eyes. This study concluded that while infrared LED light therapy does not work for everyone, it does represent a valid and effective way of treating wrinkles and other blemishes for many people.”

Unlike classic heaters that circulate hot air in the room, thus making it dense, the technology “emits subtle heat. For every mat in the room, there is a designated infrared heat panel above you, and the rays are projected directly onto the practitioner. The rays penetrate deeply inside your skin, and heal you from within. Most feedback we’ve received is that when you first enter the room, it is not stuffy.”

In addition, there are lots of benefits, co-founder Jasmine says, “as for long-time use, the technology provides pain relief, fights diabetes, and prevents you from catching a full-blown case of the flu. A participant who takes a few classes will also notice radiant skin.”

Jal Yoga founders Pardeep Fogat, Jasmine Loh

For the love of yoga

Jasmine, a high-flying regional marketing manager with a pharmaceutical company was traveling a lot for work, and realised that took a toll on her health. She was not exercising and eating regularly, and sitting long hours in the place caused her to have tight hip flexors. The easiest form of exercise that Jasmine could do was running, but that caused her knees to weaken, as she didn’t know how to stretch properly. So she turned to yoga, and started with personal training classes, and that’s how she met Pardeep three years ago. Pardeep, 30, who has been teaching yoga for over ten years, and having trained in India, was on his way to setting up his own studio, and Jasmine wanted a career change; thus the both decided to go into business together.

“I’ve always wanted to do something on my own, but wasn’t sure what. We thought if we bring this concept to reality together, and offer something unique for the market, that would differentiate ourselves from other studios out there,” Jasmine adds.

Not just Infrared Therapy, Jal Yoga wanted to stand out and educate people of the other yoga concepts out there. “We wanted Jal Yoga to be different, and free from marketing gimmicks. What I noticed in Singapore is that some studios offer classes like: weight loss, slim yoga, which is not even the essence of yoga. I would like to appeal to all yoga studio owners to not kill the authenticity of yoga, just to make some quick bucks. From the very first start, we want to give options to people, and educating them along the way. We picked lineages from the West, Europe and India, and present it through Jal. We offer unique styles of yoga like, Angamardana (adopted by the Indian Paramilitary as a compulsory fitness regime), and Hasyayoga (Laughing Yoga, this practice helps practitioners to laugh their way to good health) that are new and not taught in Singapore, so people will be open to them,” Pardeep smiles, before bidding me farewell.

Jal Yoga founder Pardeep Fogat


For more information, visit their website Jal Yoga.

Jal Yoga is located at 991 Alexandra Road #01-03A Singapore 119964