We all know that taking care of our bodies is essential if we want to live a more energetic, fulfilling and hopefully longer existence. As they say, your mind is only as good as the body carrying it. So whilst we are overjoyed by the array of options we have to work out and look good whilst doing it, when it comes to laundering our sweat-soaked workout gear, sometimes that’s where the pretty stops. 

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Here are the tweaks you need to make to your normal laundering routine to ensure fresh-smelling garms at all times:

Turn your clothes inside out

Natural body oils, sweat and all the other icky stuff that builds up when we workout is mainly on the interior of the garment. So make sure to turn your workout clothes inside out when you wash them so the water and detergent can target the affected areas properly. 

Use a little less detergent 

Be more scrupulous about how much detergent you use. Make a note of the exact amounts for different loads. Why, you ask? Because if you use too much detergent, the excess soap will actually build up in the material and help any remaining bacteria to develop, ew! So, take note of the marker lines on the cap as they will make your gym gear cleaner and stop you having to spend on detergent (and new gym clothes)!

Don’t use fabric softeners

Using fabric softeners in either sheet or liquid form will allow a shield-like layer to build up on athletic gear (due to the materials they tend to be made of) and make future cleaning more and more difficult as water won’t be able to break down the gunk or penetrate the fabric properly. Try and avoid these or at the very least, cut back!

Add a laundry booster to eliminate odours

This is a golden tip: Add white vinegar in the fabric conditioner compartment of your machine and its natural odour eliminating properties will set to work on your sweaty items. An added bonus is that the vinegar will also help to cleanse your machine’s system of limescale build-up (a great tip for cleaning your dishwasher also, just add vinegar and do an empty wash to clean out clogged pipes). 

Another great cheap and natural alternative is baking soda, which also brightens your whites; scoop it into the detergent compartment of your machine with the soap. If you want an all-in-one solution, purchase a specialised sports detergent, also great if you have active kids and partners, you can do an full active gear wash! We love an eco-friendly version by Sodasan from RedMart, available to shop here.

Skip the tumble dryer, air-drying FTW!

Drying your items with direct heat will actually cook in the stench, a definite no-no! To avoid this gross scenario it’s best to air-dry your items, perfect for a hot climate like Singapore, or if you must use the lowest heat setting or a spin-dry on your tumble dryer. One final note, heat drying will cause your gym gear to have a significantly shorter lifespan, another reason to skip this step!

Now you’ve got the washing part sorted, be tempted by the latest workout gear which is so good you’ll want to wear it to work (or even cocktails)!