Your monthly period cramps are adding more stress to your already sluggish mood. You’ve tried all sorts of remedies (chemical painkillers and heat packs) but they only provide temporary relief. Come next month, you’ll wonder, “When will this pain go away?” And it won’t, because you’re not treating your pain properly. Instead of sourcing for temporary relief from unnatural sources, start treating the pain naturally.

And Brands Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei does just that. Formulated with Tangkwei, a traditional Chinese herb, the tonic is full of nutritional value for the female body. Period cramps are actually caused by an imbalance in your hormones, and Tangkwei has been proven to relieve menstrual symptoms because it helps regulate female hormones. Furthermore, the high iron content in this tonic helps to relieve other premenstrual symptoms like fatigue, poor appetite and digestion problems.

You may think, why bother with a product that doesn’t promise an instant relief? Well, most women don’t realise that their menstrual discomfort is caused by daily activities. From consuming too much dairy to dealing with too much stress, poor lifestyle habits can cause menstrual cramps. Brands doesn’t believe in a temporary solution and the Brands Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei is a tonic that’s meant to be taken everyday. The gradual consumption of Tangkwei and iron will improve one’s menstrual health and prevent fatigue.

In 2018, Brands conducted an experiment with Try & Review and had 150 young women sample the tonic for 12 days: 82 per cent of the women had more regular period cycles and experienced much less pain after that. Well, it’s been tried, tested and proven. So what are you waiting for? Here’s to pain-free months, bottoms up ladies! Find out more here.

The tonic is available at Fairprice for $22.90 per pack of six (promotional prices vary from $16.50 to $19.50 per pack).