Image: Showbit

Do you feel sluggish, headache-y and always tired? Like you’ve gained 10kg in the past two days? Most likely, bloating is to blame!

Whether or not you have a Mum who’s a whizz in the kitchen, it’s likely that you’ve been snacking on one too many pineapple tarts this Chinese New Year. We all know that feeling – you gather at your grandparents’ place and get tempted by the tins of succulent bak kwa and fried snacks, then head to an aunt and uncle’s for a hearty lunch, before going to a Chinese restaurant for a reunion dinner with the rest of the family… To say that you’ve been drowning in food will be the understatement of the year.

Even if you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, you’ve probably been indulging in not-so-healthy meals over the long weekend (yes, we love an “upsized” fast food takeaway, too. All this over-eating will inevitably lead to bloating, AKA weight gain and misery. To have a flat tummy for the rest of the Monkey Year, give your remaining Chinese New Year snacks away, adopt healthier eating habits and learn a thing or two about detoxifying your body by watching the video below!