Image: Konstantin Chagin / 123rf

If you’re anything like us, you would’ve spent last Sunday morning on your bed, blissfully unaware of everything else as you slept into the early hours of the day.

These 280 motivated women, however, were up and ready to take on the world with their dedication to fitness. Yes, while we were dreaming about hot men, these women were sweating their way to an amazing bod. #fitspo indeed!

We understand that not all of us have the willpower (or the time!) to get up at the crack of dawn and complete an outdoor workout, though. Which is why we’re here to deliver some incredible news to you: It’s completely possible to achieve a leaner and taller figure in just a few minutes.

If we were being honest, stretching is an underrated activity that we think is high time to bring back. It doesn’t just warm up the muscles to prevent injury, but it also increases the blood flow and therefore, oxygen, to your muscles. What does all that science-talk mean? Your workouts will be far more effective, and you’ll see faster results.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll be looking leaner and longer with consistent stretching, too. Why, you ask? Well, stretching creates a heightened awareness of on your posture, which means you’ll be standing taller, and when you stretch your legs, it lengthens out your stiff muscles. Part of this is perception, but you know what they say: A confident woman is a sexy woman.

These stretching exercises are also perfect for the woman on a time-crunch because the fitness instructors have thrown in a few dynamic stretches, which act as a cardio boost for those in need of it.

The best part? You don’t need any equipment, and they’re easy enough to be done basically anywhere, so your desired figure could, quite literally, be a few stretches away.

For some words of #fitspiration, check out what these women have to say about their journey to self-love! If you’re feeling inspired, do this five-minute workout that’s celebrity-approved!