Marks & Spencer Special

Lingerie forms the foundation to any outfit. A good piece of lingerie has the ability to enhance your look and boost your body confidence. Every woman has a different and unique pair, so it’s always a challenge to find lingerie that has a perfect fit.

Fortunately, Marks & Spencer understands these concerns. For 90 years now, Marks & Spencer has been committed to the cause of creating comfortable, well-fitting and luxurious lingerie for women of all body shapes.

With the sale of their first bra in 1926, they have always been at the forefront of the lingerie market. They have an impressive statistics of 33 million lingerie customers, selling over 20 million bras a year.

Their expert team of garment technologists constantly strive to deliver new innovations to meet the needs of the modern women. A hundred per cent of their ranges are from their own brand and are designed to be inclusive.

It may take time to find the right lingerie for you, remember you are worth it. Marks & Spencer’s lingerie collection boasts a wide variety of sizes, because they understand that women not only wanted, but needed, a personalised fit to suit their shape and lifestyle.

Their bra collection boasts an incredibly wide variety, spanning from an A to G cup in size 30 to 44, available in various ranges; from the everyday t-shirt bra to the plunge. Apart from the regular bras, they also offer comfortable maternity and post-surgery bras, so that you can get the best possible fit, whatever your needs may be. Even their knickers range comes in sizes from 8 to 22.

You can be sure to find something that makes you feel comfortable and good when you put them on.

As society progresses, modern women these days are not just looking for basic everyday undergarments. There is a huge market for luxurious lingerie for the boudoir.

Gorgeous lingerie is a wonderful confidence booster and has the ability to put you back in touch with your own feminine charm. It serves as a subtle reminder of how attractive you are.

From the simple bras of the twenties to the sleek, contemporary cuts of Autograph launched in 2006; Marks and Spencer lingerie has always been on at the pulse of modern lingerie. They also work on making it easy for women who wants to indulge in themselves by creating machine-washable silk.

We all have different needs from the lingerie department. Whether it’s a pair high-waisted briefs or a low-rise bikini, Marks & Spencer have perfected their cuts for you.

You can now easily enjoy  everyday comfort, along with luxurious French knickers and lace-trimmed styles for when you fancy something extra special.  

Despite being the leader in the market, they are still constantly pushing boundaries and creating new technology to suit the ever-changing needs of the modern women. On great example would be the Youthful LIFT™ bra, which uses 3D moulding technology for amazing shape and uplift.

Did you know that about 85% of women are actually wearing the wrong bra size? Bra fitting is a science, so it’s important that you get professionally measured. You can expedite the search of a well-fitted lingerie with a professional at Marks & Spencer!

The experts understand the way a bra should fit, and are familiar with the needs of different body shapes and breast tissue types. They will be able to recommend you a bra that will do wonders for your body.